About What's On Tianjin

What's On Tianjin (WOX Tianjin or WOT) is a marketing arm of Apple Foreign Connection Co. Ltd. which dedicates its works to Tianjin . Its aim is to work and live with Tianjin expatriates, Tianjin tourists and Tianjin people, finding out their information requirements and needs, either on daily basis or once in a while.


WOX Tianjin brings information to them about Tianjin life-style, entertainment, food & wine, culture, economy, government policies of Tianjin , in this portal web platform.


The WOX Tianjin team is committed to bring most up to date news, latest happenings, what's going on, travel, entertainment, sports, wine and food in Tianjin.


At the same time, WOX Tianjin is focused to tell people from outside Tianjin and China about the wonderful world of Tianjin .

WOX Tianjin is here to bridge Tianjin to the rest of the world.


Go Tianjin!

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