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Fr. China
Topic: Thus extending the life of the floor
With the introduction of a variety of innovative decorations, wallpaper, wallpaper variety and color are also growing, a wide range. The floral wallpaper series, which is based on the floral pattern of nature, can bring a kind of warm and intimate feeling to create a comfortable living space, which is welcomed by urban women.[url=]cheap landscaping timbers[/url]
Some single-use white-collar women have used environmentally friendly wallpaper, said: "Who says that single life can only be decorated with monotonous colors at home? Wall is always white? Blooming color wallpaper and unique furniture with, still can belong to one People's emotional life. " In addition to flowers series wallpaper, in addition to masonry, bamboo relief embossed, abstract geometric patterns, and other series of green wallpaper for different needs of the owners choose.[url=]sun frog deck sealer reviews[/url]
Intimate contact with the cork floor After a busy day, many people get home after the first thing is to take off their shoes, put on comfortable slippers, there are a lot of people like to walk barefoot at home. Therefore, in addition to the family can be tiled floor, the more people tend to shop wood flooring. In many of the wood flooring, cork flooring is the darling of the floor, cork flooring with constant temperature performance, partly because of its internal structure was honeycomb arranged between the airbags filled with the other hand, the cork itself has a low conductivity . When people walk on the cork floor, feet touch the ground, the cork floor can gently suction floating on the top of the feet. In addition, the cork flooring filter noise in the room there are unique, both to eliminate noise and reduce friction, thus extending the life of the floor. Today, the average family can afford the price of wood flooring. "As the cultural level increases, more people will enjoy life," said the interior designer, referring to the floor. "Laying the floor at home, matching a fluffy carpet, or a seat-cushion, Family to create a comfortable stretch of any space.[url=]non slip decking for outdoors living[/url]
12 Oct 2016

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