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Fr. Australia
Topic: Floor industry buys idea to break out from time to tome  
Floor industry buys idea to break out from time to tome  

accompanies occupational between ceaseless development and company of the contest with each passing day aggravate, the annex idea on the market will grow in intensity. Seeking profit the biggest on the floor market that influence, buy the product that is discard of professional superior bad, at the same time this kind of presentative normalization also will lead floor industry to enter new development space. These year, floor industry suffers the effect of elements of a series of inside and outside, competition of whole occupational market turns white-hot with each passing day, this is undoubted aggravate discard of occupational superior bad. Below this kind of circumstance, the market annex idea inside the profession also is being shown inereasingly, provide the idea of the company annex small company of actual strength to break out from time to tome a bit. In former of former times 2014, suffer effect of estate adjusting control, a large amount of consumption be thwarted of coating, floor industry whole appears low confuse posture. Enter new normal state as economy, environmental protection guiding principle raises the price of the commodities, consumption tax comes on stage, the vivosphere of floor company is reduced increasingly, buy incident to break out again and again. Now nowadays, on floor market buy presentative and first show to be the following 3 respects: Above all, between floor company amalgamative, include " engorge is small " and " in small alliance " ; next, the floor swims up and down and buy; of unifinication of the industry that finish again, cross the industrial diversification of the domain. Go up in sure degree and character, buy dissolved superfluous yield can, optimized professional structure, the company recombines through be being bought finished resource conformity, do for the company do greatly strong laid a foundation, the choice with right can yet be regarded as. Floor industry grew nearly 30 years in home, can to where instantly appear so austere buy idea? On one hand, accept estate market impact, a large amount of estate consume cut down, floor company sale suffers very big effect. Of a series of guiding principle such as law of new environmental protection come on stage, virtually increased floor company capital, squashed company profit space, cause agonistic aggravate, the profession enters extruding type development. And this just is the optimal period that company of high grade floor finishs low capital to expand and buys. On the other hand, china's boundless market space attract of a lot of foreign capital enter. And own perfect management system, the world floor company of sufficient financing marchs the optimal method of Chinese market is to be bought namely. Buy China medium or small floor company makes its are become in China base of manufacturing research and development, infiltrate by right of this one footplate Chinese floor market. Divide this beyond, of very much foreign capital enter help the development that promoted floor industry, company of a lot of floors to earn more profit, expand in succession produce can, cause directly floor industry is produced nowadays can superfluous, this also makes undoubtedly small company is faced with live the crisis, and buy to big company character, it is the superexcellent fashion that delay controls.

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21 Oct 2016
Fr. El Salvador
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13 Jun 2017

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