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Fr. Australia
Topic: what kind of floor?
Which floor? How to correctly identify the floor service life and cost performance?

Everyone knows there are all kinds of floor, and every family will choose when decorating a floor, but at the same time there are lots of people do not know what kind of floor is good, how to correctly identify the life of the floor and price? Small make up take you to look at it today.
1, aggrandizement wood floor [url=]High Quality WPC Wall Panels[/url]

The advantages of aggrandizement wood floor because the price is cheap, easy do have accounted for the vast majority of floor market. General is divided into four layers: the structure of its surface is wear-resisting layer, is containing 3 oxidation 2 aluminium wear-resisting material such as the surface layer of paper; The 2nd is adornment layer, is a computer is emulated make presswork paper; The third layer of man-made board base material, with high density fiberboard (HDF), medium density fiberboard (MDF), or special types of high quality particle board; The fourth layer at the bottom, is moistureproof balance the layer.[url=]Boat Vinyl Flooring[/url]

2, solid mu fu joins a floor board

Solid mu fu joins a floor board of real wood floor. It is of high quality solid wood cutting plane cut surface plate, core board and bottom single chip, and then according to the mechanics principle of different varieties of materials will be three kinds of single chip according to the longitudinal, transverse and longitudinal three-dimensional arrangement method, using glue paste, and in the high heat press plate, a vision of the wood that makes the change under control. [url=]Custom size wood-plastic fence[/url]

Can be divided into three layers solid mu fu joins a floor board, multilayer solid mu fu joins a floor board, joinery three types of compound floor, decorate in the bedroom in use three layer more solid mu fu joins a floor board.
18 Nov 2016

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