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Fr. Armenia
Topic: The new game mechanics of FIFA 17
FIFA 17 is a set of classic and innovative game, in addition to the newly added new FIFA 17 engine, FIFA 17 game has some more innovative gameplay, new game mechanics fifa 17 coins also display a large 17 games Highlights. EA Sports has been in the recent trailer shows the game's visuals, but recently give FIFA 17 players new shooting options.

They include: the completion of the drive - the new shooting mechanism allows players to keep the ball low, under any circumstances - wrists, volley, or simply when slotting home. Threaded through hole. precise. Into space. Create a new scoring opportunities and a perfect execution thread through fifa 17 pc coins.

Driven goal kick starting a quick counterattack, through which the goals and direction. Downward header, greater control over the direction of allowing players to head the ball down into the ground and make the goalkeeper work harder. all can be find in online now, well done as fifa 17 xbox 360 coins game online. have a try?

29 Nov 2016
Fr. Martinique
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25 May 2017
Fr. El Salvador
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13 Jun 2017

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