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Fr. China
Topic: examine and verify

Interest related side agrees consistently to join or support silvan attestation. On June 30, delegate of household of home of group of examine and verify and industry of timber of foliaceous part beauty, advisory company, appropriate and division forestry bureau undertook end annulus consults, at this point the blame [url=]all kind of composite material flower box[/url] that attestation of second FSC forest exists is principle difference put forward to rectify and reform an opinion specificly, shut prejudication nucleus to be not accorded with 13.

Subsequently, group of examine and verify held the meeting that close the door. After the conference ends, chairman auditor Ms. Liu Meili represents group of BV examine [url=]wooden flooring suppliers in uk[/url] and verify to announce: Industry of timber of foliaceous part beauty passes FSC forest attestation smoothly advocate careful.

Accompany this advocate the industry of timber of beauty of collect having a part of a historical period of careful limited company Wei Qing of section chief of deputy total [url=]composite material supplier[/url] Zhou Xingqun, raw material, area farming appoint (forestry bureau, irrigation works bureau) sea of Cai Xianfeng of the member that call together composition and Chen Manxuan of division forestry center, characters on a seal carved in relief,
27 Dec 2016

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