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Fr. United States
Topic: The most defining beauty moments of 2016
2016 might forever be remembered as being one of the most politically turbulent years, but in beauty land at least it's been an exceptionally good year for business.

From celebrity's hair transformations and the launch of new up-and-coming brands, here are the defining points of this year that have changed the beauty landscape...


Perhaps the most exciting launch though was Nannette de Gaspe’s dry sheet mask, which uses ground-breaking, mind-boggling technology to infuse your skin with nutrients for line-smoothing, radiance-enhancing results. It's rumoured that several brands will be employing the same technology in their own sheet masks next year, so watch this space...

Instagram was responsible for several of the most talked about beauty trends this year. Remember the ab crack phenomenon? And, the mermaid thighs hashtag that inevitably followed? Not to mention the #nomakeupmovement that Alicia Keys started back in April and a bucket load of celebrities that have followed suit since.

Brands are also looking to social media influencers rather than celebrities to front their campaigns. This year, L'Oreal Paris signed up five British beauty bloggers with a combined reach of 5.5 million to create engaging content around key events, including fashion week and Cannes festival. And, with shoppable posts already being tested in America and coming to the UK very soon, it could only be a matter of time before beauty bloggers, vloggers

The merging of Coty and P&G was confirmed this year, making Coty the third biggest beauty company, behind L’Oreal and Estee Lauder - both of which made several new purchases this year. Estee Lauder went on a spending spree and acquired Becca Cosmetics, Too Faced and three niche fragrance brands, including Le Labo, Byredo and By Kilian. In its largest acquisition in eight years, L’Oreal bought It Cosmetics over the summer. While it’s relatively unknown here, the skincare and make-up brand that promises to help alleviate skin problems is huge in the US.

Forget luxuriously long, stretched out facials where your skin is pampered and preened to within an inch of its life. 2016 was all about the quick, practical and results-driven skin treatments. From LED and laser to ice-cold cryotherapy, a host of speedy skin-changing facials are fitting conveniently into our lunch breaks.

Skin Laundry's treatment room in Liberty's
Skin Laundry's treatment room in Liberty's

For regular maintenance:Skin Laundry is big business over in the US and the 15-minute laser treatment opened its first UK salon in Liberty’s this autumn. While lasers used to evoke all kinds of goosebumps and cold shivers, this treatment is virtually painless, has no downtime (or even redness) afterwards and your first session is free. For long lasting results, you’ll need around six sessions.
Beauty finally got honest

Beauty Pie Lipsticks
From The Ordinary's affordable serums to Beauty Pie’s price transparency, 2016 has seen the unveiling of some impressive and game-changing brands that are likely to shake up the industry for years to come. While you might still be enticed by the luxury packaging and status that well known brands offer, Beauty Pie certainly gives you food for thought, while the Ordinary's ?5.10 hyaluronic acid is a complete no brainer.

We found ourselves diverse rather than divided

Show moreThe amount of plastic in our face wipes was also revealed.Brands, including RMS Beauty and Yes To, which use environmentally friendly fabrics put the major beauty brands to shame. And, with more of us concerned about the size of our eco footprint, there's no doubt that this isn't so much of a passing trend, but rather a new, refreshing approach to beauty that will continue long into 2017...

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27 Dec 2016

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