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Fr. China
Topic: How to buy umbrellas
Zhejiang Sunreach outdoor recreation supplies factory production of outdoor umbrellas are Roman umbrella, post booth umbrella, unilateral umbrella,[url=]3 piece outdoor bistro set price[/url] the column of metal umbrella, banana umbrella and other outdoor sun umbrella.
Buy umbrellas, it is necessary to pay attention to the umbrella is a label indicating that the umbrella is anti-UV,[url=]outdoor wooden table suppliers[/url] and thus determine whether the umbrella can prevent UV. Usually the label will sew in the umbrella inside the skeleton of the place, or in its price tag on the marked anti-UV effect.
In the choice of umbrellas, the general reference to the following points: First, the shrinkage of the fabric as a result of the purchase of umbrellas,[url=]aluminium bistro chairs[/url] the umbrella should be large should not be small. Second, the fabric color and UV protection performance. Under the same conditions, the darker the fabric, the better the anti-UV performance, compared to black, dark blue, dark green, light blue, light pink, light yellow and better anti-ultraviolet performance.
Third, according to the nature of the fabric to determine the initial anti-UV performance. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, rayon and other poor performance of the anti-ultraviolet, [url=]outdoor lawn furniture uk price[/url] and polyester is better. Usually used to make the umbrella of polyester fabric with colored satin, McBride and so on. In addition, the anti-ultraviolet performance to the best satin fabric, followed by twill, plain weave, the deeper the color the better.
28 Dec 2016

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