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Fr. China
Topic: Outdoor furniture should be youthful
In the afternoon sunshine micro, sitting on the terrace of the wicker chair bubble pot tea; or leisurely in the garden, enjoy the fresh flowers of the natural life,[url=]french bistro dining set[/url] comfortable life leisurely. However, with the prolonged wind and sun, outdoor furniture maintenance can not be ignored.
If you want to own durable and durable outdoor furniture, master the correct use and maintenance methods is particularly important, this issue according to the characteristics of different products,[url=]striped canvas beach chair fabric[/url] sorted out a professional use and maintenance methods, so that your outdoor furniture "youth resident." Sunshades, sun umbrellas - afraid of bumps, shade products and more use of iron pipe and aluminum tube support, in the installation process to pay attention to gently, try to avoid bump or local force is too large and damaged.
At the same time, sunshades and sun umbrellas, although designed for outdoor sunshade leisure, but not really used for shelter, therefore,[url=]metal frame rattan chair bistro bar furniture[/url] in the windy weather should be avoided when used. If the top cloth with water, to remove the umbrella frame in time to avoid long-term damage. Plastic tables and chairs - fear of exposure, the use of plastic outdoor leisure furniture, should be placed in a stable ground or grass, so as not to tilt tilt.
Plastic table and chair cleaning is very simple, just use an ordinary cleaning agent, then rinse with water. However, plastic tables and chairs must avoid exposure, otherwise there will be faded, broken and other issues. Rattan furniture - afraid of deformation, rattan furniture or chairs relatively light,[url=]bistro patio chairs australia[/url] easy to move up, so clean these tables and chairs when you can use water and cleaning agents. To clean the dust of rattan furniture, in addition to gently wipe with a rag, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. In the usual use of rattan furniture, pay attention to the rattan joints, as far as possible not to rattan of the nick out, or easy to bend and deformation.
04 Jan 2017

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