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Fr. China
Topic: Now strengthen the wooden floor
if the density is too low, so the density control, including Environmental control indicators are very strict. Small factories in order to save costs, he is not to do, and consumers from the naked eye can not see, and can not see, it depends on manufacturers to provide inspection reports, such as exemption certificate, as well as the current government A government procurement. [url=]cheap outdoor flooring[/url]
Because government procurement is now very strict control, depending on whether or not to enter this list of procurement, after entering the list, it is clear that everyone's degree of confidence will be higher. Then you three products are in the list of it? Yes, we are all three. Government procurement is the government to take the lead in purchasing health and environmental protection products.[url=]hidden stair tread fastener[/url]
Now strengthen the wooden floor environmental mandatory standard for 1.5mg / L, a higher level is E0, requires less than or equal to 0.5mg / L, the E0 level health standards will soon become the new national standard, imitation wood flooring, we still feel To implement such a higher E0 standard. Just mentioned the quality of the substrate, a large enterprise can plant from the tree until the substrate production, [url=]stagger wood floor planks[/url]
12 Jan 2017

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