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Fr. China
Topic: dollars What is the difference
as Ren Zhiqiang (Ren Zhiqiang blog, Ren Zhiqiang news, Ren Zhiqiang speak) that tens of thousands of dollars a square house Is also the rich to buy the same! Not all the floors are thousands of dollars recorded alumni ah? Hundreds of dollars a few dozen dollars and some, how to count fraud? Just from the rich pocket to dig out some money out of it.[url=]garden floor price[/url]
In fact, is an ornament, dozens of dollars and hundreds of dollars What is the difference? "EU Code event", we need to do some low-key, that is, the future of Shenzhen's flooring industry so few countries do the list, and do not use one or two million to hit TV ads, or there are profiteering suspects , Or is a major damage to consumers.[url=]how to build a wooden decking over a concrete slab[/url]
Drew, please go to Rosamund Kwan endorsement, advertising 1.2 million, her personal endorsement fee is 8 million a year; nature please Chen Daoming shot a few photos is three or four million, which are fueling a lot of lay people on the industry Understanding, resulting in an illusion, sent a wrong signal to them, the original floor to make money![url=]6 ft wooden privacy fence per linear[/url]
10 Feb 2017
Fr. El Salvador
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13 Jun 2017

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