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Fr. United States
Topic: Exercise: How to Train Women Properly
Many women neglect the power training. It is also important for them.

Muscle training has long been no longer a menace. Why? Whether the man or the woman, about 600 muscles hold the bone skeleton together. They are responsible for the statics of the body, enable an upright posture, bring stability, flexibility and ensure literally that all movements run around. Exercise are good fit not for normal person but for sick persons especially diabetic people. Online programs are working on diabetes i.e 7 steps to health and the big diabetes like ebook review

The same rules apply to men and women

Compared to men, the muscles of women differ only in size. However, their structure and mode of operation are the same. Therefore, the same rules apply to both sexes. Only the intensity of the exercises has to be adjusted. However, it is more oriented on the fitness status of the trainee than on the gender affiliation.

Even so, no man would have the idea to practice so-called "gentle" strength training, as it is sometimes praised. And in the gym, there is hardly any one to use the 500-gram light, pink-colored mini-dumbbells to stretch their flyweights forward or to the side countless times.

Women often train muscles too timidly

"Many repetitions with too low an intensity are a waste of time when it comes to building muscle strength," says Professor Elke Zimmermann, sports physician at the University of Bielefeld. "Women tend to be too cautious when it comes to strength training, which not only does not matter, but also demotivates with the times, because the trainees notice that they are not prepared for the training."

Muscles react only with an adaptation effect and the desired increase in mass if the training stimulus is correct. That is, the resistance in a movement must be greater than 30 percent of what the muscle can do maximum. In the plain text, this means: There must be an appropriate resistance, otherwise it can not work with the construction.

Is not it enough to walk or jog to keep the muscles moving? "As soon as you do something, it is good, but you can do it better," is the reply of Sportmedizininer Zimmermann. "For untrained athletes it is advisable to start with a targeted training in order to be able to guide the joints precisely, because in every muscle chain there is always a weak muscle."

Fitness as joint protection

In the case of unaccustomed or new movements, it is therefore easy for evasive movements, which can lead to injuries. This also happens with supposedly simple procedures such as walking or jogging. Durable improper loading speed in the worst case a tendency to osteoarthritis , for example in the knee .

Good joint guidance, on the other hand, prevents falls, which is particularly worthwhile in old age . Strengthening exercises also have positive effects on the stability of the bones. "For women, the fine structures within the bone are less well-developed than in men, and one should work on the bone density through training," Zimmermann recommends as the best protection against osteoporosis . Especially women with a low body weight benefit from it and all who sit a lot daily.

Muscles are fat killer number one

Well-trained muscles also absorb more glucose from the blood, demonstrably improve the sugar metabolism and the effect of the body's insulin. Who has already developed a so-called prediabetes, ie a precursor to a type 2 diabetes , can train with exercise exercises against it.

In addition, muscles in the body are the fat killer number one. If you build more muscular mass, you increase the basic turnover . That is, you are consuming more calories in everything you do. This supports the slimming, the non-increasing - and forms a good figure.

Combination of endurance and strength training ideal

A common fitness error is that the person who burns the fat is the best, with a moderate intensity of long-term persistence. "If you have little muscle mass, you can only use a small amount of energy," says sport scientist Carolin Heilmann from Munich. "Conversely, when muscle strength is increased, energy conversion is also increased when walking, cycling - and at rest." This is the best way to combine strength and endurance training.

Do not be afraid of muscle

It can not be done without effort. Excessive time, however, does not have to be spent on strength training: two or three times a week, about 30 minutes is sufficient to train all the major muscle groups. Each exercise is repeated only eight to ten times. "It is often not necessary," says Elke Zimmermann, who also trains high-performance athletes. However, two to three sentences should be. "This strengthens the interplay of the fibers within the muscle, resulting in an increase in strength, without having to become thicker."
25 May 2017
Fr. El Salvador
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30 May 2017

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