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Fr. Thailand
Topic: Foreign Goods Market in Tianjin
Where is the foreign good market? Does anyone have any information about the main products there. Is the price fair?
22 Feb 2012
Fr. Chile
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Tanggu Foreign Goods Market is the commercial center of imported goods in North China. It is located near the Tianjin Development Zone, in Fushun Road, Tanggu District. It's specializing in import and export transactions, dealing with cars, motorcycles, household appliances, photographic equipments, clothing, watches, lighters, audios etc. The price is quite fair and relatively low.
23 Feb 2012
Fr. Canada
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Can you please advise how to reach the area - understand
one can take the light rail but where does one board
the light rail to Tanggu?? Think will be able to figure
out where to get off . Just to locate the light rail
to take me there .. tnx
21 Mar 2013
Fr. El Salvador
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30 May 2017

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