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Fr. Australia
Topic: access Facebook
I can not log into my Facebook in Tianjin.Who can tell me the reason and tell me how to log in it.
21 Sep 2012
Fr. China
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I have learnt a few tricks when it comes to accessing Facebook, Youtube for free. The methods I know will be summarized below. Hopefully I won't get in trouble for making this post.

1. Change hosts. This works very well most of the time. But you need to update the hosts file frequently. When it doesn't work, you need to wait for the new update.

There is an ongoing update of the newest hosts file at
Simply copy and paste over the existing hosts file.
The hosts file is located at:
If you are using windows 7, you need to first open a new notepad as an Administrator, then from the Notepad, open the hosts file at C:WindowsSystem32driversetc.
After you have changed and saved the hosts file, you need to use https to access certain websites.
e.g. Facebook:
Google Reader:

2. GoAgent The setup for this tool is more complicated. But once you have it setup, you can watch YouTube at the speed equivalent to Youku.
The newest version download is at
1. Apply an appid at Google Appengine:
2. Unzip the goagent
3. Open localproxy.ini, look for [gae], change appid = Your appid
4. Open serveruploader.bat, it is best you use VPN to load
5. Use FireFox Browser. Import localCA.cert. You can import certificate by click on Options>Advanced>Encryption>View Certificate>Import. Make sure you check all 3 options when importing.
6. Install AutoProxy add-ons at:

If you have trouble, you can view this help with pictures: Though it's in Chinese, you can still kind of get what to do with the help of screen shots.

3. FreeGate. You may need to first use VPN to download this software. Freegate is slower, but it has always work for me whenever I'm stuck with other methods. The developer has recently implemented ad into this software makes it quite annoying, but it is a reliable free tool to access facebook.

Hope you enjoy it while staying in China
21 Sep 2012

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