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Fr. Spain
Topic: Tianjin Municipal Govt or tourism convention bureau

Contact with Tianjin Municipal Government or tourism convention bureau


Dear Sirs,

I am contacting you to see if you can help us with some advice.

We are organizing an event for a Spanish company during a trade fair in Tianjin on October 2013.

We are organizing some activities and we are looking for different options about venues to organize an event with all the attendees or activities in the city.

Could you please be so kind to let me know with what department of Tianjin Municipal Government we should talk? We tried to do it directly but we didn't manage to find an operative email on Tianjin Municipal Government website.

Or may be with some convention bureau or tourism board?

Thank you very much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you,


Jos Antonio Fern¨¢ndez

CEO & Founder at FUSION


M: +34 607 573 012


C/ Provenza, 48.
Local 2
CP: 08029
T: +34 934 199 644

P° de la Castellana.
141, Edificio Cuzco IV,
planta 18-20. CP: 28046
T: +34 917 893 404

18 Dec 2012
Fr. China
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Miss Yang Jin,
Tel: 022 28354860

Tourist market promotion department, Tianjin Tourism Bureau
28 Dec 2012
Fr. El Salvador
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14 Jun 2017

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