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Fr. Austria
Topic: Sex before marriage

I come from a very traditional family where sex should only happen after marriage. I am curious what you guys think about this? Do Chinese girls also prefer to marry virgin man? Do they care at all? Because I heard some men prefer to marry virgin woman. I am very open minded and although I don't believe in sex before marriage I respect your opinion and would appreciate your honesty on the subject.

18 Feb 2013
Fr. France
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Well, personally ,I don't favour to use "sex" this word.I adore the word- "Making Love"

The biggest difference between animals and human being --human bening has emotions,feel the ultimate happiness, heart broken pain. And animals don't!

Sex -- Masturbation can be called sex, Prostitution can be called sex, 3P, 4. Do it with animal can also be called sex ,any kind of act related to a penis and vigina! Human's or Animal's!

Making love --Only between 2 human being lovers, invloving gentle eyes contact, tender hands touching,kissing with affection ,making love with passion. Soul connection , The ultimate pleasure and happiness even God jourlous about!~
So if there is love inbetween, ML before marriage or after marriage ,what's the difference?

Or even without marriage ,Love lives eternally
18 Feb 2013
Fr. Taiwan China
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In USA, this is normal. In China, for old generation, say people born in 70s or earlier, this is intolerable. But for new Chinese generation, it's common. You may often heard stories about knocked-up high school girls. Sex before marriage is just a social phenomena, showing the change of the society.
21 Feb 2013

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