Crystal Palace Hotel Tianjin(天津水晶宫饭店)

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Welcome to Crystal Palace Hotel Tianjin

Located in the heart of Tianjin, the Crystal Palace Hotel provides a relaxing atmosphere for both business and leisure travellers.
Crystal Palace Hotel is a 4-star modern hotel with novel design and unique style. The 7-storeyed hotel is structured in the modern architectural art of brilliancy, decorated with large areas of glass, and so it looks not only glittering and translucent, but also grand and magnificent. All of its more than 340 guest rooms are equipped, sophisticatedly and self-containedly. The dishes served in the hotel may satisfy almost all the dining ways and tastes of the guests from any country and region in the world. Also, in the hotel living and modern business service facilities are complete, including fit-keeping rooms, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a bank, a shopping center, a large multi-functional hall, etc.


  • Address: No. 28, Friendship Road, Tianjin
  • C-Address: 天津市河西区友谊路28号



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