Sitong Bars(昔唐酒吧)

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Welcome to Sitong Bars

Sitong remains similarly popular with students and expats, although does not attract as many Chinese club-goers as Scarlet. A resident band from the Philippines performs nightly and provides covers of Western dance, R n’ B and occasionally rock music. With one floor, in the underground of a tower block, loud music and lots of people it can sometimes feel claustrophobic but this does not seem to put off the long list of regulars that return every week. Although the sheer number of foreigners may be off-putting, the variety of music and comparatively large dance floor ensure that it maintains its clientele and reputation as one of the fore-runners in Tianjin’s party scene.


  • Address: Negative Floor of Olympic Towers, NO.126, Chengdu Dao, Heping District, Tianjin
  • C-Address: 天津市和平区成都道126号奥林匹克大厦负一层
  • Opening Hours: 20:30-03:00
  • Bus Routing: Take bus 800 and 870 to Guizhoulu Tiyuguan


  • Telephone: 022-23377177 / 13826226777


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