YY Beer House(粤园餐厅)

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Welcome to YY Beer House

YY's is situated on Aomen Lu in the old concession area of the city in a quaint European two-storey building, which, even though it has certainly seen better days, offers a colourful turn of the last century feel. Inside, a combination of crumbling paint, antique furniture and sepia-tinted maps hung on the walls, creates a wonderful rustic atmosphere.
The range of beers on offer. The two large fridges come stocked with standard offerings such as Tsingtao and Carlsberg as well as a great selection of international brews. These range from well-known international labels such as Tiger and Guinness, through to four or five varieties of Russia's Baltika and the deliciously expensive Belgian beer Chimay.
All of these come served in chilled metal mugs decorated with elephants in traditional Thai style.


  • Address: 3 Aomen Lu, behind the International Building, Heping District, Tianjin
  • C-Address: 天津和平区澳门路3号国际大厦后


  • Telephone: 022 2339 9634


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