HK actress Aimee Chan reportedly molested in Malaysia

Updated: 2013-04-17
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Aimee Chan
The TVB actress was harassed by extras while filming her new drama in Malaysia
Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan was reportedly molested by extras while filming her upcoming drama in Malaysia.

According to the Hong Kong media, Aimee went to Malaysia to film the new drama Outbound Love last week.

In a scene where the Hong Kong actress was harassed by a group of locals, the extras boldly touched her and grabbed her breasts when the director told them to act freely. A shocked Aimee stood frozen on the spot, not knowing how to react.

Her co-actors Ruco Chan and Yang Ming and the crew witnessed the entire scene while standing aside, but none of them stepped in to rescue her. An insider claimed, “Actually, everyone saw it happen, and Ruco and Yang Ming didn’t help not because they were afraid. They just thought that it was better to avoid trouble is possible.”

Another insider revealed that Aimee could not do anything about it although she felt upset over the incident. “Who wouldn’t feel upset after being molested by a group of strangers? But nobody said a word about it, so she could only blame it on her bad luck.”

After the filming concluded, Aimee called her boyfriend to confide in him and broke out in tears while describing the incident. Feeling angry that his girlfriend was bullied, Moses called TVB executive Virginia Lok to complain about the unfair treatment. The Hong Kong actor also called his girlfriend every day to comfort her.

Seemingly affected by the incident, Aimee has reportedly been in low spirits during filming recently. The 32-year-old declined to comment when reporters contacted her.
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