6th Tianjin Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival

Updated: 2012-09-05
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Tianjin will host the 6th China Mazu( a Chinese goddess) Cultural Tourism Festival in Qingshui Pintai of Haihe River and Binhai Mazu Culture Park and other places in Tianjin on September 27-28. The theme of the festival is “upholding Mazu culture and constructing the harmonious society jointly.” At that time, over 2500 compatriots from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau will attend the festival.

This session of Mazu festival aims to publicize the development of Tianjin and strengthen the economic cooperation and communication among Tianjin and other cities in China. Besides, Mazu festival will help boost the cultural tourism in Tianjin as well.

The confirmed number of guests that will attend the festival amounts to 1950, which exceeds the number of any previous session. Moreover, the opening ceremony of Mazu cultural tourism festival will employ diversified art forms like dancing, drama, chorus and so on to show the recent years’ development of Tianjin.

The inauguration ceremony of the statue of Mazu will also be held in Binhai Mazu Cultural Tourism Park during Mazu cultural tourism festival.
Event Date:   27th-28th September 2012
Event Time:   daytime
Contact Person:
Contact Phone:  
City:  Tianjin
Event Venue:   Qingshui Pintai of Haihe River; Binhai Mazu Culture Park
Address:   Intersection of Taierzhuang South Road and Hongze East Road; Binhai Tourism Area
Nearest Cross Street:  
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