Royal Scottish National Orchestra Concert

Updated: 2012-11-20
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The RSNO is Scotland\'s national symphony orchestra. Formed in 1891 as the Scottish Orchestra, the company has performed full-time since 1950, when it took the name Scottish National Orchestra. It was awarded royal patronage in 1991. Shortly after the award it briefly used the title Royal Scottish Orchestra before reverting to its present name.

In April 2007, the orchestra became one of Scotland\'s five national performing companies, supported directly by the Scottish Government (previously support came through the Scottish Arts Council).

In January 2011, the RSNO announced the appointment of Peter Oundjian (born 21 Dec 1955, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) as its next music director, as of the 2012–2013 season, with an initial contract of 4 years.

Mendelssohn: the ‘Hebrides’ Overture 
                     Symphony No. 3 Scottish
Maxwell Davies: An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise
Event Date:   3rd January, 2013
Event Time:   19:30 pm
Price:   RMB 1280 /880/680/480/280/120
Contact Person:
Contact Phone:  022-2332 0068/ 022-8388 2000
City:  Tianjin
Event Venue:  Concert Hall of Tianjin Grand Theatre
Address:   Yuexiu Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, China
Nearest Cross Street:  
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