Macau delegation promotes MSAR at Macau Week in Tianjin

Updated: 2011-03-21
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A Creative Pavilion is one of the highlights of the Macau Week in Tianjin, which starts on Saturday. Over three days, a delegation of about 110 people from different sectors will promote the MSAR in the third largest city of China.

The goal of the Creative Pavilion is to promote the cultural and creative industries of the territory, as well as the ‘made in Macau’ design, according to a Government press release.

The Macau Week will also try to build awareness over the touristic attractions of the territory. The Government Tourism Office will display in an exhibition the changes the MSAR has been through since the handover.

Macau’s Chinese Orchestra has also been invited to perform during the event.

In total, around 110 people are travelling to represent the territory in Tianjin. They include businessmen and entrepreneurs from the convention and exhibition, advertising, banking, construction, real estate, trade, clothing and souvenir retail sectors.

The Macau Week is aimed at strengthening the bilateral cooperation between the two regions, namely in trade, tourism and culture.

The Administration also hopes the event can attract more Tianjin companies to use the MSAR as a platform for internationalisation, particularly towards Portuguese-speaking countries.