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Fr. Australia
Topic: Refused by Tianjin taxi drivers, AGAIN!!!
Taxi situation has been out of control in Tianjin.

I was refused by 4 taxi drivers near The St. Regis Tianjin in less than 30 minutes when they heard I need a ride to Wudadao.

Taxis availability not enough in Tianjin?

Yes, for a city with 13 million population, 32,000 taxis running on the streets are far from enough.

We can see this lawless situation continue if Tianjin government don't put more taxis into service and let the Henan taxi drivers dominate the market.
21 Feb 2012
Fr. Germany
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Pfffff, here we are not only refused by taxi drivers, but also charged double by some bad drivers. It's really getting annoying. I hope the government can do something about it.
05 Mar 2012

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