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Fr. China
Topic: Crazy guys offer to cry for strangers during Qingming
Too busy to mourn your dead ancestors this Tomb Sweeping Day, or wanting an extra chorus of crying or wailing at the graveside?

A group of lively entrepreneurs have decided to cash in on people's hectic schedule this Qingming Festival by offering to mourn on your behalf for less than one hour for 3,000 yuan ($475) a time, reported Thursday.

An advertisement posted on a wall in Tianjin offers to carry out sacrificial offerings, burn joss sticks and even cry on behalf at the graveside of your relatives for the rate for 30 to 45 minutes.

This is just one of a number of agencies that have sprung to life in recent years offering to honor the dead on behalf of strangers.

I feel so sorry for these 'clever' guys who find new way to earn money by crying at strangers' graveside during the Tomb-sweeping Day.

Where is people's lowest point of shame? Most of them can't cry at their parents' grave and now they will cry for 1500 yuan.

I know some people are just too poor but that's not the reason to show this kind of acting skills at the festival supposed to mourn those passed away.

Please don't come up with other demeaning and disturbing ideas. I really feel sorry for you advertisers.

And for those who pay for it, please show your respect to your beloved one in another world.
30 Mar 2012

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