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Fr. Australia
Topic: 18,888 yuan for a hair cut?

Long lines formed outside of barber shops across China last Thursday, a day traditionally held to bring good luck to anyone who receives a haircut.

But one high-end salon in northern China gained nationwide attention by announcing that it would only give three haircuts that day, each for a price of over 7,000 yuan (US $1,100).

A sign posted outside the salon in Shijiazhuang, capital of the Hebei province, announced that "shaving the head of the dragon", as haircuts on this day are traditionally known, would be provided for the “heavenly price” of 18,888 yuan.

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I want to know how this ridiculous advertising ends? Any crazy sugar daddy fall for this? Have the salon been punished by the commerce authorities for this 'heavenly price'.

05 Mar 2012
Fr. Czech Republic
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A good PR stunt to attract media coverage. I see no wrong in this if anyone buys the superstition as long as he/she can pay for it.
05 Mar 2012

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