Tianjin Old City, an ideal place to explore charm of Tianjin

Updated: 21 Jul 2011
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Tianjin is a popular tourist destination in China due to its rich historical background and tranquil beauty. Recognized as one China's four main municipalities, Tianjin is the third largest city in the country after the cities of Shanghai and Beijing. The name Tianjin when translated into English means the place where the emperor crossed the river. The city is famous for its various historic attractions and magnificent colonial architectural structures. One of the most popular places to visit in the city is the Tianjin Old City where ancient beauty and splendour can be marvelled at.

The Tianjin Old City is renowned for housing the Guangdong Assembly Hall that was constructed in 1907. Situated close to the Southern Gate of the Tianjin Old City, this structure was built in the 33rd year of rule under the Guangxi Emperor. A historic Queen of Heaven Palace lies in the North-East section of the Old City. This marvellous structure dates back to the year of 1326 when it was built during the Yuantaiding third year. The North-Western section of the Old City is home to an Islamic Mosque which was constructed in 1703 by the Kangxi Emperor during his 42nd year of rule. Another resplendent building in the Old City is the Jade Emperor Pavilion. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, this magnificent building was constructed in 1427 under the reign of the Xuande Emperor. Other must see attractions in the vicinity include the Lion Bridge and the Laoxi Kai Church.
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