WeChat - An useful app for foreigners in China

Updated: 27 May 2013
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Most of us have many apps on our phones. I have been using apps for a few years now since I got my first Smartphone in 2010. During that time one app (other than Angry Birds) has really stood out, WeChat.

Here are a few reasons why I use this app every day:

Learning Chinese
I often use the voice chat function to practise my Chinese listening and speaking skills. It’s great to compare your pronunciation with a native speaker. Also, you can keep track of new phrases and words. I use this app with my Chinese teacher; she will record her voice and send me the characters. Being able to listen and read the characters at the same time has greatly improved my reading skills. I also use this app with my Chinese friends, I can send them some phrases in English so they can practise their spoken English.

Keeping Contacts
Having a picture of someone when I’m texting or sending voice messages is really helpful. In Ningbo, I’m meeting people from all over the world, it’s the quickest way to exchange contact information. Sometimes I’m receiving messages in Chinese that are difficult to read and it’s hard to distinguish between an advertisement and a regular message.

Client Communication
I’m using this function often for sending work quickly to my clients. Many of them are travelling so it’s a great way for them to send me feedback on a project. My clients seem to respond more quickly on WeChat than they do by email.

Communicating with spoken Chinese
This function allows me to communicate more easily with my Chinese friends and clients. If your spoken Chinese is better than your written Chinese it’s very helpful. It’s also a lot faster for me to speak than type out a text message.

Long Distance Messaging
Over the past couple of months I have successfully convinced over 20 of my friends and family to download this app. It’s the main way that I keep in touch with everyone. I have family in Botswana, Sweden, Canada and the United States, so it’s difficult to find time and it’s expensive to call everyone.

WeChat is free and awesome, enjoy.


SOURCE: Ningbo Focus

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