Survey: Expats' impression of Tianjin

Updated: 04 Jun 2013
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The results of the two-year investigation, "Expats’ impression of Tianjin", conducted by Tianjin’s Foreign Studies University has finally been released to the public. The survey aimed to discover how Tianjin is seen by expats, collecting information via either questionnaire or interviews with hundreds of foreigners from over 20 countries.

Overall impression
According to the report, the internet is the most important means by which foreigners gather information about Tianjin. The most common issues raised in the in-depth interviews were problems such as the quality of the drinking water, air quality and the urban environment. Many people complained about the bad taste of drinking water, serious air pollution and littering and spitting in public places.

City accessibility
The city was generally considered by interviewees to be well ordered socially. Most of the expats believed that they and their property is well protected, and that the people here are warm and friendly.

The taxi service in the city received a positive evaluation from most of the respondents, with reasonable prices and good service. However, some respondents commented that they have been ripped off by taxi drivers on occasion. The service quality in the service industry was rated as just acceptable, with some respondent’s mentioning the bad attitude of sales assistants in the shopping venues.

In the terms of entertainment many respondents gave low scores to the tourism resources in Tianjin. Compared to Beijing, Xi'an and other famous tourist cities, Tianjin is regarded as less “interesting”.

Favorite snack: Tianjin Pancake
In terms of cuisine Tianjin’s pancakes are celebrated around the world. The respondents rated pancakes, soybean curd and other snacks highest. They commented that they are satisfied with the overall quality of the cuisine in Tianjin.

Inconvenient access to credit cards
Some respondents commented that Tinajin is not as developed as other international cities, in terms of the services provided by the financial industry. For instance, it is still very difficult to open a bank account, get a credit card or set up an e-banking account.


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