Tianjin Zoo, one of '10 Scenery Spots' in Tianjin

Updated: 25 Mar 2011
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Tianjin Zoo
Tianjin Zoo, one of China's best 10 zoos named by the National Construction Ministry
Tianjin Zoo Tianjin Zoo Tianjin Zoo Tianjin Zoo Tianjin Zoo
Tianjin Zoo was founded in 1975, after five years' meticulous building, it was opened to the public on January 1, 1980. The zoo covers a total area of 53.77 hectares, among it the water area is 10.68 hectares.

Tianjin Zoo is among the "Best Ten" zoos named by the National Construction Ministry. It is located at the southern part of the scenic Water Park, "Tianjin TV Tower high in the cloud” can be seen in the north, and the Gymnastic Center is the south. Inside the park, trees and grass are verdant, the water and sky merges in one color, and the scenery is charming and gentle. Appreciating in the exhibition area, walking in the woods, boating on the water, fishing by the lake, delicious flavor snacks and various recreation games and activities, which fit both the old and young, make the tourists so enchanted as to forget to return; there is also an open-style herbivore area where people and animals got along with harmoniously, naturally and closely. Being one of the "Ten Scenery Spots" of Tianjin city, it is famous far and near. Tourists are attracted to Tianjin zoo by its reputation as a scenic spot, the annual number of Chinese and foreign tourists reaches more than 2 million person- time.
Tianjin Zoo Tianjin Zoo Tianjin Zoo  Tianjin Zoo
At present there are more than 180 various species, over 1800 heads of animals in the zoo. Among them the first-class national protected animal such as Giant panda, Siberian Tiger, Golden Monkey, Golden Takin, Red-crowned Crane and so on can be rated as rare treasures. The second-class national protected animals like lesser Panda, Swan, Lynx etc. are also rarely seen in the world. There are also precious and rare animals from exotic lands, including Jaguar, lion, Asian Elephant Chimpanzee, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Macaw and so on, the tourists can appreciate the world rare animals without going out of Tianjin.

Tianjin zoo incorporates animal exhibition with animal medical treatment, animal scientific research, precious and rare animal breeding and wildlife protection, gathered the functions of animal appreciation, scientific popularization and propaganda, and cultural recreation, it is worthy of the laurels of "Best Ten", and is indeed an excellent place for travel, relaxation and rest. The beautiful Tianjin Zoo has never slowed down its pace in constructing the modern, new-type zoo according to the development orientation of international zoo. In the next several years, it will remake the lake to open new on-water recreation items, and build Sea-Mammals House. Reptile House, Crocodile Lake, Hundreds of Bird Amusement Park, Peacock Gardens and Open-Style Carnivore Area etc. It has also set up long-term cooperative relations with the national zoos or foundations from brilliant pearl in Tianjin. Tianjin Zoo sincerely hopes friends from all circles to contribute their love for the development of the undertaking of wildlife protection, and to corporate closely.

on the south of Water Park in Tianjin

Tianjin Zoo is among the "Best Ten" zoos named by the National Construction Ministry.
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