Tianjin Bar Street at Youyi Road

Updated: 16 May 2011
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Tianjin (Jin for short) is a municipality direct under the Central Government, as well as an opening city. It's situated in the eastern part of the North China Plain, covering an area of 11,300 square km. and with a population of six million.

It has a semi-humid continental climate in the warm Temperate Zone. With an annual average temperature of 12 degrees centigrade, and rainfall of 590 millimeters, it has 220 frost-free days per year. It’s rich in petroleum, natural gas and sea salt along the coastal area.

As one of China's biggest industrial centers, Tianjin has built up an all-round industrial system with machinery, electronics, textiles, chemicals, metallurgy, foodstuff etc. as its mainstays. The production on a fairly large scale, of arts and crafts like hand-made carpets, Yangliuqing's New Year Pictures printed from an engraved wood plate, Zhang's painted clay figurines, kites etc. holds an important position in the country. Tianjin has already achieved successes in the operation of its Economic and Technological Development Zone in the northeastern part of Tanggu District, covering an area of 33 square km.

As Tianjin is one of the most prosperous business areas as well as a distribution center for goods and materials in North China, Tian Jin's night life has also been growing very well, such as bar, cafe and others night life.

Here is the short list of Tian Jin's bar and cafe. Maybe it is helpful for us who want to discover the Tian Jin's underground in the night.

1. Cosy Café & Bar
Has live bands some nights and a beer garden. Also serves food.
Add: 68 Changde Road
Heping District
Tel: 22-23126616/23126659

2. Tianjin has a bar street (Youyi Road) and, most of the bars are located here. If you want a cocktail, you might want to go to Broadies Tavern (currently the only bar run by a Westerner). Tel: 8837 0933.
Bar Street, Youyi Road (opposite the Friendship Store).

3. There is a sports bar called the Upper Deck which has a large screen showing sports all day and evening. It also has a games room.
Add: 107 Meijiang Street
Hexi District
Tel: 22-8836 9177
Fax: 22-8836 9077

4. 1969 Bar
Name In Chinese: 1969 音乐餐厅
Location (English): 1969 Bar (1969 yin1yue4 can1ting1 1969音乐餐厅), Joy Business Center Building A, number 37, Nankai District.
Location (Chinese): 天津市南开区水上东路上谷商业中心A区37号.
Phone: 23951969
Reviews: 0

5. Alibaba's (Near Nankai University)
Location (English): Those of you who have been to Alibaba's should know that this isn't exactly an easy question to answer. It's located in a dark alley across from the Bengon's on Tong2 An1 Dao4 (同安道). Walk down about 50 meters, and it will be on your right hand side. If you see some drunken foreigners stumbling down the street, follow them on in.
Location (Chinese): 天津市和平区同安道兵果士对面
Phone: 22-2351-3976
Reviews: 0

6. BABI Club
Name In Chinese: BABI 俱乐部
Location (English): Babi is located on the corner of Dagu Nan Lu and Qiong Zhou Dao in Hexi district
Location (Chinese): 河西区大沽南路与琼州道交口
Phone: 83816006 or 83816001
Reviews: 0

7. Babyface
Location (English): On the 9th floor of Isetan, on Nanjing Lu, Number 108
Location (Chinese): 河西区南京路108号现代城团C区9层(新伊斯丹商场)
Phone: 022-27119898
Website: Website
Reviews: 1

8. Bingo Club
Location (English): No 117 Changde Road, Behind the Lantian Hotel, Tianjin
Location (Chinese): 和平区常德道117号 (蓝天宾馆院内).
Reviews: 0

9. Broadies' Tavern
Name In Chinese: 部落地西餐厅酒吧
Location (English): Broadies Tavern is located on Number 5 Bar Street on Youyi Lu.
Location (Chinese): you3yi4 lu4 jiu3ba jie2 5 hao3 友谊路酒吧街 5 号
Phone: 8837 0933
Reviews: 0

10. Bull's Club
Name In Chinese: Gong Niu Jiuba 公牛酒吧
Location (English): Nankai District, Baidi Lu Number 76
Location (Chinese): 天津市白堤路76号
Phone: 81853333
Reviews: 0

11. Club Coco
Name In Chinese: CoCo 俱乐部
Location (English): Club Coco is located on Bar Street on Youyi Lu.
Location (Chinese): you3yi4 lu4 jiu3ba jie2友谊路酒吧街
Phone: 2387 0888
Reviews: 0

12. Feeling Bar
Name In Chinese: 菲林慢摇酒吧
Location (English): Feeling Bar is located in Hexi District on the corner of Dagu Nan Lu and Jinhe Dao, in the Gome Building.
Location (Chinese): 河西区大沽南路津河交口东楼(国美旁)
Phone: 13920231836
Reviews: 0

13. Good Girl's Night Club
Name In Chinese: (Yeshang Nongzhuang (4,4,2,1, or 4,4,4,0 in Tianjin Dialect)
Location (English): Weijin Nan Lu and Cangqiong Dao (there is a big flashing sign arcing over the entrance to the street from Weijin Lu).
Reviews: 0

14. Hard Rock Club
Name In Chinese: 天津硬石音乐主题俱乐部
Location (English): Tianjin, Hexi District, Pingshan Dao (Next To the Narcissus Hotel).
Location (Chinese): 河西区平山道天水大酒店旁,实验中学往前
Phone: 022 23011564
Reviews: 0

15. Harry's Bar (Youyi Lu Location)
Name In Chinese: Ha1li3 jiu3ba1 哈里酒吧
Location (English): On Youyi Lu next to the Friendship Store, in Hexi District.
Location (Chinese): 天津市河西区友谊路25号
Phone: 2835 2777
Reviews: 0

16. Jim's Café
Name In Chinese: 吉姆咖啡
Location (English): Number 6 Changdu Road, Heping District, near the intersection of Yingkou Dao and Qixiangtai Lu.
Location (Chinese): he2ping2 qu1chan2du lu4 6 hao3 和平区昌都路6号
Phone: 2871 7172
Reviews: 0

17. Mayflower Bar
Name In Chinese: 五月花酒吧
Location (English): On the corner of Qixiangtai Lu and Zijinshan Lu in Hexi District, (In the old Max Club location)
Location (Chinese): 天津市河西区气象台路紫金山路交口(愿MAX酒吧)
Phone: 5859 9898
Reviews: 5

18. New York New York Bar
Name In Chinese: 纽约纽约酒吧
Location (English): New York New York Bar is located on the 4th floor of the KFC building on 155 Weijin Lu, across the street from Tianjin University.
Location (Chinese): 卫津路155号, (天津大学的对面)
Reviews: 0

19. Pepper Bar
Location (English): Nankai District, Tianta Dao, Shanggu Shangye Cheng Building B, 3rrd Floor
Location (Chinese): 天津市南开区水上公园上谷商业城B座3层
Phone: 022-2341-5238
Reviews: 0

20. Phoenix Bar
Location (English): On the corner of Chongqing Dao and Xinhua Lu, across from the former Sicily Sunshine building, in Heping District.
Location (Chinese): 天津市和平区新华路和重庆道的交口
Reviews: 0

21. Rainbow Bar
Name In Chinese: caihong jiuba 3,2,3,1
Location (English): 12 Yanhe Road, Hexi District (Accross from the Sheraton)
Location (Chinese): 天津市河西区沿河路12号
Phone: 022-23379588 or 022-23559898
Reviews: 0

22. Scarlet
Name In Chinese: 乱世佳人
Location (English): Scarlet is located on the 3rd floor of the KFC building on 155 Weijin Lu, across the street from Tianjin University
Location (Chinese): 卫津路155号, (天津大学的对面).
Phone: 2344 6223
Website: Website
Reviews: 0

23. Scooter's
Name In Chinese: 思酷特
Location (English): Scooter’s is located on Youyi Lu Bar Street
Location (Chinese): 天津市河西区友谊路酒吧街
Phone: 22-28370575 or 13502061343
Reviews: 0

24. Seven Club
Name In Chinese: SEVEN 俱乐部
Location (English): Seven Club is located at shao4xing4dao4 number 291, hexi district, just off of Weidi Dao.
Location (Chinese): 河西区绍兴道291
Reviews: 0

25. Sitong Music Bar
Name In Chinese: 昔唐音乐酒吧
Location (English): Heping Qu, Chengdu Dao, Basement of Olympic Towers
Location (Chinese): 和平区成都道奥林匹克大厦负一层
Phone: 23377177 or 13826226777
Reviews: 0

26. Sugar Club
Name In Chinese: 蜜糖
Location (English): Sugar Club is located on Dagu Nan Lu, near the Xia Wa Fang Subway Stop.
Location (Chinese): 河西区大沽南路下瓦房站恒华大厦
Phone: 022-58318888
Reviews: 0

27. The Boomerang Bar
Name In Chinese: Zhong4 Peng2 Jiu3ba
Location (English): The Boomerang Bar is located on Nanjing Lu on the first floor of the Friendship Hotel, kiddy corner from the Tianjin Earthquake Monument (Kang4zhen4 Ji4nian4bei1).
Reviews: 0

28. The Richmond Bar
Location (English): Located on 23 Luoyang Dao, near the intersection with Xinhua Lu, behind the International Building.
Location (Chinese): 天津市和平区洛阳道23号
Reviews: 0

29. The Tavern Pub
Location (English): Joy Business Center, Building B, 3rd Floor.
Location (Chinese): 上谷商业城B座3楼.
Phone: 2341 9696
Reviews: 0

30. Tian Long Soho Bar
Name In Chinese: 苏荷酒吧
Location (English): On Jianshe Lu, about a block and a half north of the intersection with Nanjing Lu in the old Banana Building
Location (Chinese): 天津市和平区建设78号
Phone: 23305988 or 23317988
Reviews: 0
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