Tianjin Water Park, an aquatic recreational resort in Tianjin

Updated: 2011-02-18
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Tianjin Water Park
At Water Park Road in Nankai District, the Tianjin Water Park is 164.6 hectares in area, 100 hectares of which are covered by water. Opened in 1951, the park has developed into a large, comprehensive attraction, with areas to the north and south separated by the vast expanse of water in the middle. In the water are 11 isles linked by bridges. The water is divided into the East Lake, the West Lake, and the South Lake. Visitors enjoy boating on the lakes. A long corridor winds its way from the east gate of the park to the Children's Amusement Park, equipped with a mini-train and a merry-go-round. A walk along the bank planted with peach trees and willows leads to the Culture Corner, with an alfresco theatre, a reading room, a swimming pool, a skating rink, and waterside pavilions.

Another attraction is the Ten Thousand Buddha Island, with 36 spots that illustrate the Buddhist world view through the reconstruction of scenes from Buddhist stories.
Along the lake, there are many weeping willows. Various entertainment activities are often held here, such as flower shows and lantern exhibitions. The International Village, Tianta City and other scenic spots in the park attract many visitors because of their unique architectural style and excellent service. ?

In the recreation area, the highest big wheel, archaized dragon boat, water taxi, high speed launch, as well as large-scale recreational apparatus, plus the various colorful themed activities make time stand still for travellers fortunate enough to find themselves here.
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