Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, a design works of AXS SAWTO

Updated: 2011-02-18
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An artist's rendition of Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium
The Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium is located in the southwestern part of the city, and, together with the Center for Aquatic Sport, the Center for International Sports Exchange and the Tianjin Gymnasium, make up the Tianjin Olympic Center. There four structures are all designed in streamlined-form like water drops, with the Olympic Center Stadium as the largest. It covers 78,000 square metres and has a capacity of 60,000. It as a length of 380 metres, a width of 270 metres, and a height of 53 metres. It is nicknamed the "Water Drop" because the outside of the venue is designed to resemble a drop of water. The stadium cost nearly 1,500,000,000 Yuan to build.
Entry and Transport

There are four spectator entries: A: LINGBIN Road, B: LINGXI Road, C: WEIJIN South Road, D: BINGSHUI West Road. Spectators are recommended to enter via the entry closest to their seating sector.

Spectators can use the Olympic Bus Lines, city buses or taxis. Private car parking is available outside the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium; cyclists can leave their bikes in special marked areas on BINSHUI, LINGBIN and LINGXI Roads

What to see

Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium

Designed by AXS SAWTO Inc. (Japan), the project fully reflects the three Olympic concepts -- "Green Olympics," "High-tech Olympics," and "People's Olympics."

The six-floor stadium, with a length, width, and height of 380, 270, and 53 meters, respectively, can meet the standards of staging international football games and athletics. Along with such affiliated facilities as big marketplace, exhibition hall, conference room, and gym, the stadium is also able to provide the public with space for entertaining, exercising, and shopping. 

The Olympic Center Stadium is able to accommodate up to 80,000 people, including 500 of the platform and 300 of the press box.

- The ground floor

The ground floor of the stadium includes a 22,670 square meter indoor parking lot, a 3,460 sq. m. exhibition hall, a 6,400 sq. m. dining room, a 5,930 sq. m. health care center, and a 4,010 sq. m. section for both athletes and referees.

The franchised stores
The franchised stores, the health care center, and the international convention center on the first floor cover an area of 3,840, 130, and 85 sq. m., respectively.

- The second floor

The second floor contains a 4,320 sq. m. sports and exercise hall, an 85 sq. m. international convention center, and a 130 sq. m. health care center.

- The third floor 

There is a 4,166 sq. m. box, a 3,030 sq. m. international convention center, and a 1,440 sq. m. health care center on the third floor, while there is a 345 sq. m. international convention center, and a 1,300 sq. m. health care center on the fourth floor.

The spactator stand
The spectator stand, the 8+1 racetrack, the training field, and the turf field cover 34,740 sq. m., 4,560 sq. m., 20,000 sq. m., and 7,680 sq. m., respectively.
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