Enjoy yoga relaxation in 6 professional clubs in Tianjin

Updated: 2011-03-03
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HATHA YOGA is a professional Yoga club. The club employs a national top coach to teach yoga. The Club adheres to the business philosophy of "succeeding yoga culture and advocating a healthy lifestyle" in promoting the yoga. HATHA YOGA originates from India, it means "Communication and Link" in Sanskrit. YOGA is a healthy lifestyle that integrates the human body and spirit as a one and promotes the physical and psychological health.

Address: No. 969, Jiefang Road, Tang Gu District, Tianjin City
Tel: 022-59811800
2. Bao Lian YOGA
Bao Lian YOGA was established in 2005. It opened the 2nd chain store in 2006, and set up the Tuan Po Lake Bao Lian Body and Spirit Serenity Center. Bao Lian YOGA Club is the professional club succeeding YOGA culture, the coachers employed by the Club are the top coachers passing strict examination. Bao Lian YOGA Club inherits the classic idea of YOGA and the orthodox posture, meditation and breathing method, it interprets the essence of discipline of ancient Yoga. The Club brings Yoga fans into a world of "broad and free mind".

Address: South Hong Qi Road, Nankai District, Tianjin City
Tel: 022-85706936
3. Yunshui Yoga Club
Yunshui Yoga Club was located at East Shui Shang Road, Nankai District. It is the first professional Yoga club that opened its doors in Tianjin and provides a complete package of Yoga courses and quality services. It is very popular in Tianjin for its high-end and quality services. The Club was established in 2006, and has established its brand and image among the bodybuilding fans in Tianjin.

Address: East Shui Shang Road, Nankai District, Tianjin
Tel: 022-23381002
4. Aaron Yoga Club
Aaron Yoga Club adopts international advanced Yoga management ideas and employs the most simplified teaching method for ensuring that each member can enjoy the health and beauty brought about by Yoga. The internal environment of Aaron Yoga is elegant and super comfortable and represent the perfect combination of natural style and modern fashion. The Club provides perfect personalized, high-quality and all-directional services. Members first is the principle we adhere to in our business operation.

Address: North Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tianjin City
Tel: 022-83281533
5. Hexin Yoga Club
Hexin Yoga Club is a professional yoga club, it employs the national top coaches to teach the courses of Yoga. The Club adheres to the principle of "Succeeding Yoga Culture and Advocating a Healthy Life" and strives to construct a better Yoga practice environment and more personalized services.

Address: Shi Zi Lin Avenue, Hebei District, Tianjin City
Tel: 022-26218373
6. Gandi Yoga
Gandi Yoga commits itself to bringing about beauty and health to women and providing a comfortable and gentle environment for women to pursue beauty. While doing physical exercise, the Yoga practitioner may enjoy the good environment. Yoga, as a fashionable sport, isbecoming more popular. The modern Yoga removes the feculent air inside the body through breathing and eliminates the waste in the consciousness so as to relax the body and psychology and achieve clean and perfect integration of the body, heart and soul and find the ego in the end.

Address: No.168, Xinhua Road, Heping District, Tianjin City
Tel: 022-60358199
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