Tianjin organ donation regulations to be implemented in March

Updated: 2013-02-25
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China’s first local regulations on organ donation that allow the family members of a deceased person to decide whether to donate his/her organs or tissues will be implemented in Tianjin on March 1st.

Three more organ transplants have been carried out in Tianjin since the regulations were passed in December, and the city’s organ donor number has increased to 40, according to the Tianjin branch of the Read Cross Society.

Mainland China has around 0.03 deceased donors per million people, while Spain leads the world with 34.

China’s health authorities said that a national system for organ distribution will be established soon.

Annually there are more than 1.5 million Chinese patients on the waiting list for solid organ transplants, but only one out of a hundred find an organ or tissue donor.

Huang Jiefu, the vice minister of health, announced in November that China will end the practice of taking organs from executed prisoners “in one or two years.”
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