2014 sulfur burning sulphuric acid growth slows down, price stable

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From June 16 to 17, the 4th Council of the 6th China sulfuric acid industry association and the 2015 annual meeting of sulfuric acid industry were held in Hefei, Anhui Province.

As an important raw material of phosphate and compound fertilizer, the sulfuric acid industry operated at a low level and increased slightly last year.

Among them, smelting acid grows fast and sulphuric acid production slows down.

in 2015, under the new normal of economic development, sulfuric acid industry is facing new opportunities and challenges, and the industry will operate stably in small fluctuations.

According to the statistics of China sulfuric acid industry association, the national sulfuric acid industrial structure changed in 2014.

Last year, the total output of sulfuric acid reached 92.

51 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 6.9%. With the release of production capacity of a number of large-scale copper smelting and acid making projects, the output of smelted acid has increased by nearly 20%, and its proportion in the total output has also exceeded 30% for the first time.

Due to the high international sulfur price and the substitution of smelting acid, the production of sulfuric acid from sulfur increased by only 1.

9% last year, a new low in recent years.

At the same time, the industrial concentration was further improved.

In 2014, the sulfuric acid output of the top ten enterprises reached 30.

32 million tons, accounting for 32.

8% of the total output, with a year-on-year increase of 1.7%. From January to April this year, the output of sulfuric acid was 29.

45 million tons, up 6.

7% year on year.

The import of sulfur was 3.

61 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 2%, and the inventory of each port dropped to less than 1 million tons in June.

Sulfuric acid is mainly used in chemical fertilizer production, and the amount of acid used in high concentration phosphate fertilizer is the largest.

According to Qi Yan, President of China sulfuric acid industry association, acid consumption for chemical fertilizer accounted for 60.

9% of the total consumption in 2014.

Among them, the amount of acid used for phosphate fertilizer accounted for 86.

3% of that for chemical fertilizer, accounting for 52.

5% of the total consumption of sulfuric acid, while the amount of acid used for high concentration phosphate fertilizer accounted for 92.

8% of that for phosphate fertilizer.

Affected by the downturn of the downstream phosphate fertilizer industry, the sulfuric acid industry has been operating at a low level in 2014, but the market is slightly improved compared with the previous year.

Since 2014, the price of sulfuric acid has risen from the bottom.

Taking 98% commercial acid as an example, the national average price per ton increased by 70 yuan year on year in 2014, while the current average price of sulfuric acid in the national market is 300 yuan / ton.

Qi Yan judged that in 2015, the sulfuric acid industry will be stable in small fluctuations.

She stressed that under the new normal of economic development, the development of sulfuric acid industry is also facing new opportunities and challenges.

In the future, domestic sulfuric acid production capacity will enter a period of slow growth.

The key development direction of the industry is to strictly control the new production capacity and give priority to the utilization of sulfur fine sand, which is the by-product of smelting acid and nonferrous metal processing.

the second is to extend the industrial chain and open up new markets and demands.

the third is to strictly abide by the red line of energy consumption and environmental protection and vigorously develop circular economy.

the fourth is to fully digest and absorb international advanced technology to improve the engineering design level of the industry The fifth is to improve the overall level of China's sulphuric acid plant.

Liu Chao, Research Institute of land and resources economics, pointed out that in recent years, the domestic consumption of phosphate fertilizer has approached the saturation point.

In the future, if the demand is optimistic, the external dependence of sulfur resources will be basically 35% by 2030, and the degree of guarantee coefficient will be about 0.

65, which is not a guarantee situation.

if the demand for phosphate fertilizer decreases, the external dependence of sulfur resources will gradually decline, and the domestic sulfur resources can be self-sufficient by 2028 Self sufficiency.

Tao Junfa, President of Yunnan Phosphorus Chemical Industry Association, introduced the situation of Yunnan sulfuric acid and phosphate compound fertilizer industry in the 12th Five Year Plan period and the development ideas of the 13th five year plan.

"Energy saving and emission reduction" and "clean and civilized production" will become the main development line of the 13th five year plan.

(Zheng Hongyan).

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