2015 China International Metalworking Fluid Technology Summit Forum

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The 2015 China International Metalworking Fluid Technology Summit Forum informed all relevant units: in recent years, China's metalworking fluid market demand has shown an upward trend year by year.

The development of relevant application technologies has played an active role in the further expansion of the application field of metalworking fluid, greatly driving the increase in the demand of metalworking fluid market.

The rapid development of upstream and downstream industries has also brought a good foundation for the development of the metalworking fluid industry.

The huge potential market provides a good environment for the development of the metalworking fluid industry in China and even in the international market.

According to the relevant provisions of environmental protection law, law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste and the law on promotion of cleaner production, the metal processing fluid discharged from mechanical processing belongs to hazardous waste.

Therefore, China's relevant environmental protection departments encourage enterprises to develop circular economy and realize the reuse of hazardous waste by applying advanced recovery and treatment technology.

It is understood that in the process of cold rolling, stainless steel processing and forming, hardware, electronic parts processing and cleaning process, water-based processing fluid, cleaning fluid after a long time of use into the waste liquid, can not be discharged into the natural environment, must be through advanced treatment to meet the national emission standards before discharge treatment.

China is also the largest manufacturing country in the world, and the consumption and growth of metalworking fluid also ranks first in the world.

With the rapid development of modern processing technology, China promotes energy conservation and emission reduction, reduces energy consumption, protects the environment, recycles and people pay more and more attention to human health and environmental protection.

There are higher requirements for technological innovation and higher performance of processing fluid in the market.

The use of environmentally friendly metalworking fluids is becoming a global trend.

As regulatory constraints, industrial trends, and concerns about workers' health and safety drive demand for environmentally friendly health products, we must strive to address some of the temporary technical, performance and cost issues.

The progress and transformation of technology is also improving the performance of metalworking fluid and the gap between the cost of mineral oil products is gradually reduced, so that we do not have to worry about the cost problem more, out of a high-tech content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, can be more open to use more and better metalworking fluid products.

In order to promote the progress of metalworking fluid technology, promote the industry technology exchange, and adapt to the development of national energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection policy.

In the field of metal processing, metal processing technology, metal processing technology and application of metal processing technology were discussed The current situation of China's market and other topics are widely discussed, and the latest technologies of metalworking fluid products and additives are also displayed.

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supported by Shanghai Hongze Chemical Co., Ltd. supported by China General Machinery Industry Association, China non ferrous metal industry association, China industrial cleaning industry association, ventilation equipment network of China internal combustion engine industry association Metal processing professional committee of Shanghai lubricating oil industry association equipment engineering branch of China mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and Transformation Technology Association Metalworking fluid and environment, health (metalworking fluid and occupational health) metalworking fluid and chemicals management stamping oil technology and application in metalworking fluid standard, testing method, cutting fluid, quenching oil product and application technology stamping oil technology and application antirust oil technology, metalworking fluid regeneration and waste liquid treatment technology Research on testing methods of various metalworking fluids and standard EDM and WEDM fluids grinding efficiency parameters and selection of grinding fluids Metal processing fluid related environmental protection, waste liquid discharge, economic research, site management equipment and others.

The latest development of metalworking fluids in the world.

Participants: metalworking fluid users in metallurgy, automobile and engine manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, heat treatment and mechanical processing industries, metalworking fluid production enterprises, additive production and distribution enterprises, chemical production management enterprises and related industries technical support, field management, product R & D, marketing, detection and analysis technology and management personnel.

Metalworking fluid users, metalworking fluid manufacturers and their distributors, lubricant additive manufacturers and distributors, technical engineers, product R & D personnel, marketing personnel, testing and analysis technology and management personnel, and manufacturers planning to produce or sell metalworking oil The deadline for this paper is September 20, 2015.

Please send it to: quanbin.

su @126.com 1. Papers related to the theme of the conference will be solicited from all over the country, and contributions from engineering and technical personnel and experts from domestic and foreign institutions and units are welcome.

No page fee will be charged for the publication of the collected papers.

The papers should include the title of the paper, the name of the author, title or position, work unit, correspondence address, postal code, contact information, abstract, key words, text, references, etc . 2. The content of the paper must be consistent with the theme of this seminar, and the papers in line with the speech exchange should focus on the metalworking fluid market, R & D technology, application technology and development trend. 3. Please keep the backup by yourself.

If you are not employed, you will not be returned. 4. The authors and participants of the accepted papers can get a collection of theses free of charge. 5. The conference is equipped with multi-media equipment, guests and experts who make speeches and exchange, make ppt electronic version of the speech, and submit it to the organizer within one week before the meeting. 6. In order to promote the healthy and continuous development of the metal filling industry, solve the industrial equipment lubricating oil technology.

Domestic and foreign enterprises, experts, engineering and technical personnel, college leaders are welcome to actively participate in the meeting.

Relevant companies and enterprises support the sponsorship of this conference, which will provide various forms of publicity, and provide enterprises with a good opportunity to expand business.

Special guest of the seminar: the seminar will invite well-known domestic and International Metalworking Fluid enterprises.

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