A new pattern of transnational cooperation in agrochemical industry is taking shape

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since this year, international agricultural and chemical giants have joined hands with domestic leading enterprises in pesticide preparation, staged strong alliance one after another, and the content of transnational cooperation has changed from original authorized registration and original drug supply to product agent. According to the industry, this is "the second handshake between international agrochemical giants and domestic pesticide formulation leaders", and a new pattern of transnational cooperation in agrochemical industry is taking shape.

Shenzhen nopuxin agrochemical Co., Ltd., which ranked first in the top 30 sales of

pesticide preparations, has become the national exclusive agent of DuPont fungicide "jiaerwo", the national exclusive agent of BASF fungicide "Dejin", the national exclusive agent of Bayer insecticide "acetonitrile" and the regional agent of Dow Yinong company. This year, it has won the District of DuPont pesticide "oderten" Domain proxy. Lu Baiqiang, chairman of novozyme, said that while acting as a product agent, the company has also carried out other forms of cooperation with international agricultural and chemical giants. For example, novozyme was supplied by Bayer Crop Science Co., Ltd. last year; this year, before the expiration of its patent, novozyme signed a five-year strategic cooperation agreement with it, and BASF became the exclusive supplier of novozyme.


in addition, Guangxi Tianyuan Biochemical Co., Ltd. has become the exclusive agent of BASF fungicide "Jianwu", and Shanghai Shengnong biochemical products Co., Ltd. has become the exclusive agent of Dow fungicide "Daisen manganese zinc" series products. Under the guidance of localization strategy,


are developing rapidly in China. SECOM Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a localized enterprise invested by Italy's Secom group in China. In just four years, the sales volume surged from 2 million yuan to 125 million yuan. This year, the company won the agency rights of three products, namely, the pesticide "Liangge" of Japan pesticide Co., Ltd., the pesticide "saidI" of Bayer company, and the biostimulant product "inosen" of MTI company of the United States. Jiangsu Longdeng Chemical Co., Ltd. invested and established by Canadian dragon lamp group in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, and Syngenta (Suzhou) crop protection Co., Ltd. invested and established by Syngenta company of Switzerland in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, also performed well.

Professor Li Xiaogang of Hunan Agricultural University pointed out that with the acceleration of land circulation and the rise of labor cost, chain operation, professional unified prevention and control service organization, rural cooperative organization, large growers, family farms and pesticide e-commerce will lead the future of China's pesticide market. Therefore, the international agrochemical giants will continue to layout the Chinese market and strengthen the localization strategy. Cai Zhiwen, an industry analyst of


, pointed out that the marketing concept of agricultural materials has changed from "product oriented" to "farmer centered and crop oriented", and crop solutions have been attached great importance. In the past, ordinary distributors and retail stores were mainly responsible for crop solutions, but now they are more operated by preparation manufacturers. This is the main reason why international agrochemical giants choose to cooperate with domestic pesticide formulation leaders. Li Weiguo, chairman of the


pastoral companies, pointed out that domestic enterprises have such advantages as sales channels and agricultural chemical services that foreign enterprises cannot reach. However, crop solutions lack high-end products and must take advantage of the situation to develop and grow.


a few years ago, the cooperation between multinational agrochemical giants and domestic enterprises also set off a small upsurge, but most of them were limited to the supply of raw materials. The industry called it the "first handshake" between the two.

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cooperation for win-win

Jian Ge

none of the enterprises' sales can be strong enough to cover all regions of China, and no enterprise's products are strong enough to solve all crop diseases, pests and weeds. With the improvement of domestic growers' requirements for agrochemical services, the integration of specialized prevention and control and green prevention and control, and the implementation of pesticide reduction and efficiency enhancement plan, both international agrochemical giants and domestic pesticide formulation leaders need strong alliance. Only by complementary advantages can we achieve a win-win situation. There is no doubt that


will be an economic and quick way for international agrochemical giants to increase their market share in China with the help of perfect marketing channels and strong promotion strength of domestic pharmaceutical products. In the face of the new situation of more and more investment and more and more difficult to screen and synthesize new compounds, the leading pesticide formulations in China should improve the effect of pesticide control and constantly optimize crop solutions to achieve the goal of reducing pesticide consumption and increasing efficiency. The way to achieve this goal is to join hands with international agricultural and chemical giants. Pharmaceutical leader can extend the industrial chain, target and efficient crop solutions with the help of strong product technology and brand advantages of multinational enterprises, so as to realize the development of foreign products for China.


under the premise of market system arrangement and legal existence, the invisible hand of the market requires both sides of the cooperation to benefit themselves first. Therefore, we advocate win-win cooperation of mutual benefit and let the allocation of resources play a positive role. International agrochemical giants and domestic pesticide formulation leaders join hands to make more exchanges, less confrontation, more cooperation, less conflict, more complementarity and less fighting, which can naturally complement each other and achieve a win-win situation.

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