Analysis and forecast of asphalt price trend on June 7

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

Russian Deputy Prime Minister said that the meeting of OPEC member states would not affect the price of crude oil; kaqiku, Minister of state of the Ministry of petroleum resources of Nigeria, has just announced that the daily output of crude oil in Nigeria has dropped to 1.6 million barrels. As of 5:00 p.m. on June 7, WTI crude oil futures price was 49.96 USD / barrel, up 0.54% from the previous trading day.

asphalt Futures: on June 7, the main asphalt futures contract of Shanghai Futures Exchange was 1609, opening 1924 and closing 1922, up 1.91% compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day.


on June 7, the overall price of domestic asphalt spot was basically stable, and the ex factory price of Zhonghai asphalt (Dongying) refinery slightly increased by 50 yuan / ton, according to Lu Xingjun, asphalt analyst of business agency; crude oil price shocks the strong pressure line of $50 / barrel, but the demand of asphalt market needs to be released, and the domestic asphalt price is expected to be stable and strong on June 8.