Building modern coal chemical industry cluster

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

1. Development ideas

1. Develop modern coal chemical industry according to local conditions and different enterprises to realize transformation and upgrading of coal chemical enterprises In the process of developing modern coal chemical industry,

should combine the existing resources of their own enterprises, including human resources, mineral resources, material resources, water resources, etc., and analyze the market and economic environment. They should absorb the training of building enterprises in a rush, develop industries suitable for their own enterprises, and build modern coal chemical enterprises according to their own characteristics To be competitive and to survive. For the traditional coal chemical industry, such as coke, chemical fertilizer, methanol, calcium carbide and other industries, we should carefully implement the industrial cluster development mode under the background of modern coal chemical industry development, such as coal, electricity, chemical, heat, building materials, to realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


2. Innovate the development mode, allocate factor resources across industries, and establish

industrial park of coal, electricity, chemical and thermal cycle economy At present, the coal chemical enterprises of

are in a dilemma of development. The main reasons are that the products are single, the technology is backward, the equipment is aging, and the industrial layout is unreasonable, resulting in small market capacity, low economic benefits, high energy consumption, high pollution and so on. In order to get rid of the current predicament, it is urgent to establish enterprises under the management of modern enterprise system, break the shackles of barriers, realize the effective integration of resources, realize the rational allocation of elements and resources for the development of modern coal chemical industry, and establish the industrial chain of coal, electricity, chemical and thermal recycling economy, so as to realize the park management.


3. Technological innovation, industrial upgrading, the use of coal quality cascade technology to achieve clean and efficient utilization of coal

modern coal chemical industry is to produce substitute of petrochemical products and clean fuel industry by adopting corresponding technical processing means for coal. The development of this industry is realized through technological innovation, technological progress, equipment development, product variety development and production scale expansion. The key technologies include coal gasification, gas purification, direct coal liquefaction, indirect coal liquefaction, methanol to olefin, methanol to aromatics, coal to ethylene glycol, kerosene co refining, coal to natural gas, low-level coal pyrolysis, etc. Through the combination of new technology and Internet technology, equipment manufacturing and computer technology, the modern coal chemical industry has formed a certain scale. The measures proposed in the 13th five year plan to optimize the construction of national comprehensive energy base and vigorously promote the clean and efficient utilization of coal have a positive guiding significance for the development of modern coal chemical industry. It will play a positive role in promoting the development of methanol gasoline, alcohol ether fuel, ultra clean fuel and other industries.

2. Main problems

1. Water resources problem

modern coal chemical industry has a large demand for water resources. Water resources will directly restrict the development of modern coal chemical enterprises, and will also be a direct problem in the transformation of coal chemical enterprises in our city. The development of modern coal chemical industry should not be at the expense of the environment, and the environmental protection problem will become more and more serious. With the transformation of enterprises and the development of modern coal chemical industry, the treatment and discharge of solid waste and waste gas are easy to control. The main control difficulty lies in the treatment and discharge of waste water, which needs to be considered simultaneously with the development of the industry.


break the shackles and emancipate the mind. Through the combination of modern enterprise system and market, it will create an excellent modern coal chemical industry cluster, complete the transformation from traditional coal chemical industry to modern coal chemical enterprise, realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and achieve the goal of transformation and revitalization of coal city. (the manuscript was edited by Heilongjiang Daily reporter Wang Kun and Cheng Yao)