Butanone market up and down dilemma: top priority in export and domestic demand expansion

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

domestic butanone market has been caught in a dilemma. On the one hand, most of the production enterprises are losing money and holding the price protection intention; on the other hand, the trading volume continues to be light, and the buyer's demand for price reduction is heating up. Some factories, such as Fushun Petrochemical, lowered the price of East China after the arrival of the ship, while the ex factory price of Ningbo Haiyue decreased slightly by 50 yuan / ton. Other manufacturers' quotations are stable for the time being, waiting for the pricing of CNPC. Taizhou Petrochemical's 80000 T / a butanone unit is planned to start operation on May 18, and Hunan Zhongchuang Chemical Co., Ltd. is expected to postpone the shipment to the end of 2015. During the week, the butanone market was in a favorable vacuum period and a bad situation was coming. The focus of attention was on the pricing of PetroChina during the week. In terms of production capacity,


, the domestic butanone production capacity increased by 190000 tons / year in 2015, among which the eliminated capacity was 30000 tons / year, with a total increase of 160000 tons / year. New production capacity is nearly twice as much as last year's export volume, and some businesses are worried about the future market. In the second half of the year, the main competition in butanone market was concentrated in South China and export market. In East China, the 80000 T / a new unit of Taizhou Petrochemical was put into operation, and the subsequent saturation was basically completed. South China, as the largest source of domestic consumption of goods, is the place that strategists must contend for. At that time, in addition to the old ones, the new ones will gradually participate in the competition. As for the export of


, there are many subsequent variables, which are mainly determined by the competitiveness of product prices. In recent years, butanone export has shown a trend of gradual increase. If it is not for the shutdown of overseas units caused by sudden situation, it is difficult for the export market to get out of a big wave and to present the upsurge in 2011.


in a comprehensive view, the short-term market of butanone is mostly bearish under the guidance of the buyer. For the long-term, the maintenance status of Shandong Qixiang and Hebei Zoje is focused on in June and July. The overhaul of the 80000 T / a plant in Huangdao, Qixiang, will give domestic butanone certain advantages, but considering Taizhou petrochemical, which may ship in June, the positive effect will be limited. In the second half of the year, in addition to a reshuffle war in South China, export and expansion of domestic demand are also the top priorities. In addition, some factories are beginning to realize the new way out for deep processing or butanone in the future.

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