Can textile enterprises return to pure cotton era?

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
The price difference between

cotton and alternative fiber has been narrowed significantly.


have been at a high level in China since the state started to collect and store cotton in October 2011. The price difference between cotton and its substitute polyester staple fiber once reached 10500 yuan / ton, and that with viscose staple fiber was also as high as 7650 yuan / ton.

some textile enterprises in inland areas told futures daily that in order to reduce costs, they have continued to increase the proportion of other substitutes in textile products in recent years. In addition, the impact of low-cost imported cotton and cotton yarn over the same period also made them continuously reduce the use of domestic cotton in the past few years.


China's domestic cotton annual consumption substitution data show that in 2011-2013, textile enterprises use chemical fiber to replace cotton as high as 30% - 60%. Based on the domestic cotton consumption of 11 million tons in 2011-2014, textile cotton, especially domestic cotton, decreased by 20% - 30% annually in 2011-2014, about 1.5-2 million tons, while the annual increment of chemical fiber substitution was just between 1.5 million and 2 million tons.

in addition, according to the textile enterprises in Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other places, with the change of main consumption in recent years, the requirements of downstream orders for raw materials are also changing. "For example, home textile products, now young people have little to look at the composition of raw materials, more emphasis on the feel and style." A person in charge of an enterprise in Nantong said that the change of consumption demand made many enterprises focus on the development and improvement of Tencel, modal, polyester and other chemical fiber blending process, in order to meet the downstream consumption and achieve cost reduction.


with the adjustment of selling price of state-owned storage cotton in April 2014, the domestic cotton price dropped sharply, and the price difference between domestic and foreign cotton gradually narrowed. At the same time, viscose staple fiber and polyester staple fiber and other major substitutes prices have gone up step by step, and the price difference between cotton and its substitutes has dropped rapidly.


today, the internal and external price difference of cotton has been reduced to about 700 yuan / ton, the price of viscose staple fiber has surpassed that of cotton, and the price difference between cotton and polyester staple fiber has also been reduced to about 5000 yuan / ton. The cost advantage of non cotton fiber is no longer, and the profit of pure cotton yarn is gradually better than that of man-made cotton yarn and polyester blended yarn, and the growth potential of cotton consumption appears again. Can the "pure cotton era" return? In the interview with


, the reporter learned that the rise and fall of pure cotton and alternative fiber is not only the cost. In the selection of imported cotton and domestic cotton, the focus of textile enterprises has gradually shifted from price to cotton quality. Among the domestic cotton, the "three silk" problem of Xinjiang cotton in last year was criticized. Market participants believe that in the short term, the decline in cotton prices and the gradual rise in the price of viscose staple fiber, polyester staple fiber and other substitutes have little impact on the proportion of cotton used by textile enterprises.

for many textile enterprises, the variety of products is not single. When one variety loses money, the other may be in profit. Therefore, the impact of changes in raw material cost on product types is not as great as you think. Even if the enterprise's choice of product types is completely based on cost factors, it is impossible to replace viscose cotton with pure cotton soon, because chemical fiber has its market demand at present, and it can not be completely replaced. " A person in charge of a textile enterprise said.

"now the cotton price is open and transparent, and the downstream is also based on the cotton price, so the price is not the first factor we consider. What products to produce is more important to see the demand of downstream customers." A person in charge of a textile enterprise in Nantong said that the proportion of cotton used by textile enterprises is closely related to changes in the structure of downstream customers and consumption habits, which can not be changed overnight. Even if the "pure cotton era" returns, it is a gradual process.

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