Carbon black industry will meet the elimination peak

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
From 2001 to 2005, the average annual growth rate of China's tire production was 12.1%; from 2006 to 2010, this data decreased to 9.2%; from 2011 to 2015, the average annual growth rate was only 4.6%, indicating that the expansion rate of tire production capacity was greatly slowed down. Who do we sell so much carbon black to? ""


held a few days ago at the 2015 China carbon black annual meeting and general meeting, Xu Wenying, vice president and Secretary General of China Rubber Industry Association, said that the operating rate of China's carbon black industry was only 78% last year. There is a big gap between domestic carbon black enterprises and foreign enterprises by expanding the development mode of production scale. Only enterprises with high brand, strong technology and high reputation can obtain high market share Rate.


experts also said that overcapacity has become a persistent disease of carbon black industry, and enterprises themselves are facing structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and higher investment in environmental protection. Under multiple pressures, carbon black enterprises will face a tide of elimination. Only those enterprises which change their mode and structure in time and develop in an all-round, coordinated and sustainable way can stand in the tide and not be eliminated.


a few years ago, the investment projects of carbon black industry were mainly carbon black production lines for ordinary rubber, resulting in structural overcapacity of carbon black products. "At present, there is a serious surplus of carbon black for rubber, which is a loss making operation. This year and next, the carbon black industry will face a round of reshuffle, that is, the elimination of backward production capacity and the compression of excess capacity, 60% of enterprises will be washed out. It's a pain that the industry has to go through, and it's going to be hard. " Qujing Zhongyi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. executive deputy general manager Xie WanFei analysis said.

according to the reporter's understanding, in the past, there were many carbon black enterprises in Shanxi Province, but now the number of carbon black enterprises in Shandong province exceeds that in Shanxi Province. Because the original carbon black enterprises are relatively concentrated in Jiangxian County, Shanxi Province, there is no raw material oil, the cost is not dominant, so it has declined. There are many coking enterprises in Jishan County, Shanxi Province. Carbon black enterprises and coking enterprises have established a strategic cooperation relationship, and the supply of raw materials is guaranteed.

"those enterprises with better integration of coking tar carbon black industrial chain and good growth will not be bright in the East and bright in the West. As long as they can avoid risks, they will survive the difficulties of these two years. For example, Shanxi Yongdong, Shandong Jinneng technology and Shanxi sunshine Huatai, etc Xie WanFei said. In order to avoid being swept away in the wave of elimination, some enterprises begin to wake up and slow down the progress of project construction. "We have to admit that the investment in the past was too radical and the front line was too long." The boss of a domestic enterprise is not without regret, "the two newly signed investment intentions are currently on hold." A foreign-invested enterprise plans to build three carbon black production lines with a total annual capacity of 120000 tons in the first phase of the project. It will be put into operation in October this year. Facing the industry situation, it has also taken the initiative to reduce the production capacity to two lines and postpone the completion of the project to the first half of next year.

"those enterprises that have no R & D capability, lack of brand competitiveness, and rely on sacrificing environment and consuming resources to maintain their livelihood will face reshuffle, and their backward production capacity will be forced to stop production and transformation or even be eliminated under the high pressure of environmental protection law." Jiangxi black cat carbon black Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhou Minjian said.

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