Chemical industry: focus on the agricultural chemical industry and some of the product price upward segmentation industry

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Market performance of chemical industry.

since January 2015, the growth rate of other fiber, textile chemistry synthetic leather in the chemical industry has exceeded 50%, that of soda ash, tire, fluorochemical refrigerant, chlor alkali compound fertilizer has increased by more than 45%. In March, the overall growth of the chemical industry decreased, but other fibers remained relatively strong, with an increase of 43%. Tire, Weilun, synthetic leather explosives all increased by more than 25%. At present,

are in the peak season of sales of agricultural materials for spring cultivation. It is suggested that attention should be paid to the field of agricultural chemicals. At the same time, the price increase of some chemical products will also benefit the relevant sub industries.

2. Pay attention to the agricultural chemical market.

in order to protect the safety of domestic grain production, for many years, China has implemented the policy of chemical fertilizer export in light peak season, imposed higher tariff in peak season to limit the export of chemical fertilizer in peak season. The excess capacity of nitrogen fertilizer phosphate fertilizer can not be solved by export. At the end of 2014, the Tariff Commission of the State Council issued the 2015 tariff implementation plan, which cancelled the tariff policy of fertilizer export in the off peak season, reduced the tariff rate at the same time. In 2014, the export tax rate of urea was adjusted from 15% 40 yuan / ton 40 yuan / ton to 80 yuan / ton; the export tax rates of diammonium phosphate monoammonium phosphate were adjusted from 15% 50 yuan / ton 50 yuan / ton to 100 yuan / ton respectively in peak season off-season in 2014; the division of light peak seasons for nitrogen phosphorus fertilizer, small package fertilizer other nitrogen fertilizer was cancelled, the export tax rate was adjusted to 5%; The export tax rate of other chemical fertilizer varieties remained unchanged. The abolition of the export tariff policy of chemical fertilizer in the off peak season will benefit the export of nitrogenous fertilizer phosphate fertilizer, which can alleviate the current situation of overcapacity. In addition to the industry's sales season favorable export policies, the concept of "Internet plus" has also made the market more concerned about this area, more more pesticide producers are entering the field of electricity supplier,

. The company has established a subsidiary to develop online agricultural chemical raw materials trading, the Internet plus marketing transformation. The prices of dyes titanium dioxide rose. The prices of dyes titanium dioxide continued to rise.

recently, due to the shortage of raw materials reducing materials supply in the upstream, the cost of dyestuffs has increased, while the dem for dyestuff downstream is fair, which has led to the continuous rise of domestic dyestuff prices. Reductant is one of the important raw materials of disperse blue dye, its environmental protection approval threshold are high, so the supply is limited. Due to the strict environmental protection policy, the dye operating rate has decreased, resulting in the decline of dye output at the supply end. Meanwhile, the peak dem season for downstream dyestuff is approaching. Since the fourth quarter of last year, the downstream dye shipment has gradually recovered. The proportion of dye cost in the downstream manufacturers is low, the sensitivity to the rise of dye price is not high, so the dye has strong cost transfer ability, The price of dyestuff has risen more than the cost of raw materials. Since December last year, the price of disperse dye series products has been raised continuously. The cumulative price increase range of disperse black disperse blue series products is 10% - 15%, the two series products account for about 60% of disperse dyes. The price adjustment of disperse red series products has also taken place. At present, the overall gross profit margin of disperse dyes is more than 50%.

are highly concentrated in China due to their high environmental protection requirements most of their varieties are protected by patents. Among them, the top three manufacturers, Zhejiang Longsheng Runtu shares, account for more than 75% of the total market share, showing an oligopoly. Some small medium-sized enterprises that do not meet the discharge stards are under pressure to withdraw from the industry due to the stricter environmental protection policies. Last year, about 50000 tons of small medium-sized enterprises stopped production stopped production. In this context, the leading enterprises of industrial chain integration benefit most. It is suggested that attention should be paid to the

(II) titanium dioxide price increase. The main application fields of

titanium dioxide are coatings plastics, accounting for about 80% of the downstream use of titanium dioxide. Among them, the use of coatings accounts for about 65%. The downstream real estate, automobile other fields have a great impact on the titanium dioxide industry. The Ministry of l l the Ministry of housing urban rural development jointly issued the notice on optimizing the supply structure of housing l in 2015 to promote the steady healthy development of the real estate market. On Monday, the people's Bank of China, the Ministry of housing urban rural development, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Finance the State Administration of Taxation also joined in the policy support, On the 30th, the central bank issued a document to adjust the minimum down payment ratio to no less than 40% for those households who own a house whose housing loans have not been settled yet, in order to improve their living conditions, apply for commercial personal housing loans again to buy ordinary self owned houses. On the same day, the Ministry of Finance others issued a notice on adjusting the business tax policy for individual housing transfer: if an individual sells ordinary housing for more than two years (including two years), the business tax will be exempted. At present, the policies that have been issued have strong pertinence, the intensive introduction has formed a good superposition effect. The recovery of the real estate industry is expected to increase the titanium dioxide market. After the Spring Festival,

, the overall inventory of titanium dioxide industry is low. In addition, March to April is the peak season of traditional dem. At present, some manufacturers are more willing to raise prices. It is suggested to pay close attention to Bailian, anada, Panzhihua vanadium titanium other related listed companies.

4. The sales volume of

agricultural products in peak season is not as expected, the price adjustment expectation of dyes titanium dioxide products are expected.

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