Chemical industry investment weekly report: oil price shocks

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

It is suggested to pay attention to Sanyou chemical, Aoyang technology and other related targets in the situation of slowing down of new production capacity and continuous growth of demand, and continuous improvement of viscose supply and demand structure.

Sailun Jinyu is expected to occupy a dominant position in the automotive aftermarket competition, so it is suggested to pay close attention to it.

Yangnong chemical is recommended.

The company's pyrethroid and glyphosate business is stable, and the release of new capacity of dicamba has brought about rapid growth in performance.

It is optimistic about the long-term development potential of the company and the future integration potential of Sinochem Group (micro blog), but the stock price is seriously underestimated.

Hailide's various businesses are in good condition, with strong endogenous growth, performance exceeding market expectations, numerous follow-up reserve projects and strong driving force for continuous growth, so we continue to strongly recommend it.

Huilong Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in agricultural materials for many years, and its channel advantages are significant.

In the future, the channel will be the core competitive advantage of agricultural materials e-commerce.

From the perspective of channel value, the company is seriously underestimated and continues to strongly recommend it.

Qingdao Shuangxing takes the tire o2o as the starting point, implements the multi-level star monkey strategy, builds a fast response after car market service system, and continues to strongly recommend it.

Hongda Xingye's chlor alkali industry chain has obvious advantages in the integration of circular economy.

Meanwhile, it actively arranges the rare earth new materials and soil remediation industry, which should be paid attention to.

In addition, we continue to recommend Qingdao Jinwang, Jinfa technology, Lianhua technology and Wanhua chemical.

The overall price of key chemical products is still low: among the 122 chemical products we tracked, 27 kinds of chemical products increased last week, and the proportion of increase decreased from 26.

23% of the previous week to 22.

13%, and 40 kinds of chemical products decreased, and the proportion of decline increased from 17.

21% of the previous week to 32.79%. The oil price fluctuated sharply last week.

It remains to be seen whether it can return to the rising channel.

It is suggested to pay close attention to the trend of oil price in the future.

Crude oil: WTI:44.

63 USD / barrel, - 3.08%. BRENT:48.

14 USD / barrel, - 2.96%. Crude oil prices continued to remain volatile last week and ended the week with a fall.

The main factors affecting oil prices last week include: the sharp reduction of crude oil inventory in Cushing area of the United States.

the continued decline of online drilling in the United States.

continued pressure on market sentiment by concerns about oversupply.

and the downward adjustment of oil price forecasts by Goldman Sachs and the US energy information administration.

In the short term, the driving force for oil prices to continue to fall has been weakened, but from the perspective of supply and demand, it does not have the power to continue to rise after the trend reversal.

The future trend still needs to be further observed.

We should pay attention to the global economic recovery and the change of crude oil supply and demand in the long term.

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