Chemical industry strives to be the leader of blue water and blue sky

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was held in Shanghai on September 17, 2015. At the forum, experts from environmental protection interpreted the newly issued "ten water regulations" and "air pollution prevention and control law" this year; many excellent chemical enterprises at home and abroad shared their wonderful cases in realizing their own sustainable development and helping to create blue water and blue sky, and put forward specific solutions for how to achieve green and sustainable development of petrochemical industry.

Zeng Jian, executive deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, said: "as an important strategic pillar industry, the chemical industry has played an irreplaceable and important role in the development of the national economy and the progress of human society. In recent years, with the enhancement of public awareness of environmental protection, incidents of boycotting petrochemical projects occur from time to time, indicating that the public has higher hopes and requirements for the green development of the petrochemical industry. How to deal with the relationship between industry development and ecological civilization construction is an important issue to be solved. It is gratifying to note that Sinopec and other enterprises are in the forefront of green development of the industry and become the pacesetters of building blue water and blue sky. The successful practice of these enterprises further shows that we will certainly be able to create a beautiful chemical industry and better benefit the human society. "

Zeng Jian also revealed that at the meeting, the China Petrochemical Federation will issue a declaration on green and sustainable development of China's petroleum and chemical industry on behalf of the whole industry, and make solemn commitments to the whole society in terms of quality management, energy conservation, pollution reduction and production safety on behalf of all the enterprises and employees in the oil and chemical industry, and strive to be reassured and responsible for the whole society As a corporate citizen. Zhou Xianhui, Deputy Secretary General of


, believes that the development of China's chemical industry has entered a new normal. The chemical industry should not be the manufacturer of environmental pollution, but the provider of solutions to environmental problems, and a contributor to the realization of the goal of clear water and blue sky. "We should integrate the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry with the beautiful wish of building a harmonious ecological environment, and jointly promote the scientific, sustainable and healthy development of the industry." Zhou Xianhui said.

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