China completed the preliminary work of industrial demonstration of methanol from carbon dioxide

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

The Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that in the past two years, the Shanghai Institute of advanced research of Chinese Academy of Sciences has cooperated with Shanghai Huayi Group in the research and development of industrial technology for hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methanol.

On the basis of nearly 1200 hours of continuous operation of single tube test, the R & D team and design department have recently completed the preparation of 100000-300000 tons / year CO2 methanol technology package.

On the one hand, CO2 can be used to synthesize chemical raw materials to realize the recycling of hydrocarbon sources.

on the other hand, it can be connected with new energy electrolysis hydrogen production and chlor alkali industry to realize the storage of hydrogen resources.

This process once caused extensive discussion on "methanol economy" in the world, but at present, the conversion rate and selectivity of catalysts for carbon dioxide to methanol are poor.

Therefore, some enterprises and research institutions at home and abroad, such as topso of Denmark, Kansai Electric Power Company of Japan and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Lurgi company of Germany, and Korea Institute of science and technology, etc.

, are working on high-efficiency catalysts And corresponding technology.

With the support of the science and technology support plan of the Ministry of science and technology, the strategic nuclear leader of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the key projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, the team of Shanghai Institute of high research has solved the key problems in the process of catalyst scale-up production based on in-depth study on the mechanism of CO2 activation, and through cooperation with Shanghai Huayi Group, the whole process of pilot scale-up process was realized and smoothly operated.

At present, the preparation of 100000-300000 tons / year CO2 methanol technology package has been completed, and has passed the expert group appraisal, and has the conditions for the implementation of large-scale commercial demonstration application.

At present, 10 national invention patents have been applied for the technology, and the catalyst performance and single tube test results have exceeded the current level of public reports.