China's phosphate fertilizer export should have the right to speak

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

China is a big phosphate fertilizer export country, so the price of sulfur has a great impact on the price of phosphate fertilizer. After the further easing of export policy in 2014, the net export volume of phosphate fertilizer reached a record high, increased by 59% year-on-year, and stabilized at about 4 million tons. However, China is also a sulfur importing country, so the price fluctuation of sulfur has a great impact on the export. India is one of the important markets for China's phosphate fertilizer export. In terms of export, the policy has great influence on the export, including tariff, value-added tax, light storage, electricity price and environmental protection. In 2015, India's subsidy policy remained unchanged from last year. The continuous depreciation of rupee has a certain impact on the export of phosphate fertilizer to India. India is bound to depress the price of phosphate fertilizer. Domestic exporters should maintain a consistent attitude and do not lower the price for export and destroy the market order. The demand for


in the Brazilian market may be lower than expected, and the production capacity of Saudi Arabia and North Africa will continue to increase, while the domestic consumption is small and most of them are exports. In terms of international market, from 2014 to 2015, Brazil's market attracted much attention, and there was a large demand for monoammonium and diammonium. China's export to Brazil exceeded 1.1 million tons, accounting for 55% of the total export. Argentina's demand for monoammonium was also growing. In 2014, China exported 160000 tons of monoammonium phosphate to Argentina. However, the market demand in the United States was insufficient last year, and the price will continue to fall in 2015. As is known to all,


, China exports a large amount of phosphate fertilizer, but the price is low. From 2013 to now, export prices are in a downward state, which has been suppressed by India and other countries, and has no voice in negotiation. Some manufacturers have lowered their prices in order to compete for the export market, thus disrupting the market order. At the same time, China's producers should also understand that, as a resource-based product, a large number of exports are not the only way to digest domestic production capacity. What goes out is resources, but what they get is low price and passive. The reporter thinks, the market adjustment function, the elimination rule appears to be more important.

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