Chlor alkali: cure indigestion

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

is affected by the complex international and domestic economic environment, the downstream industry demand is still weak, chlor alkali is in the digestion period of new capacity, the situation of oversupply has not changed. Due to the frequent occurrence of relevant policies at the macro level, the whole chlor alkali industry in the first quarter is facing a more complex situation, and the future economic operation of the industry is difficult to be optimistic. On May 19, the relevant person in charge of China Chlor Alkali Industry Association said in an interview with China chemical industry reporter. The expansion of


tends to be rational. Among the 62 key enterprises monitored by China Chlor Alkali Industry Association, 35 enterprises were in a loss state from January to March, accounting for 56%. From the above data, it is not difficult to see that under the background of complex macroeconomic environment and prominent contradiction between supply and demand this year, domestic chlor alkali enterprises are facing business difficulties and the whole industry is still in a state of loss.


are affected by the overall environment of the industry, and the new construction and expansion projects of chlor alkali industry in China are reduced. The increase of caustic soda production capacity slowed down obviously, and the scale of PVC production capacity decreased. In the first quarter, the domestic caustic soda production capacity increased by 450000 tons, and one new production enterprise was added. At present, 176 caustic soda enterprises had a total capacity of 39.55 million tons; there was no new capacity in PVC, and 88 PVC enterprises were still maintained with a total capacity of 23.89 million tons.

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