Deepening international cooperation in chemical safety and security

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
At present, the relevant regulations and standards of China's chemical safety management and security management are not perfect, and risk assessment and risk control are relatively weak. In the future, we should learn from international experience, strengthen international cooperation, and establish an effective and complete safety management and security management system. This is the information that the reporter of China chemical industry news learned from the seminar on chemical safety and security held in Beijing on July 13. After signing the memorandum of understanding on safety and security of China chemical industry (iccss) and China Chemical Industry Security Council (ICSCs), they jointly enhanced the level of safety management of petroleum chemicals.


iccss experts shared their experience in improving chemical safety level and security work. Pang Guanglian, director of the International Cooperation Department of the Federation of petrochemicals and vice president of the China Association for monitoring and control chemicals, said that in the past few years, no international organization has effectively standardized the safety and security management of chemicals. Iccss has done a lot of fruitful work in this field, which is worth learning and learning. Pang Guanglian of


pointed out that the overall situation of safe production and transportation of chemicals in China is getting better, but serious accidents occur from time to time. For example, the recent loss of phosphorus pentasulfide occurred in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province; on April 6, Fujian Tenglong aromatics (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. exploded and caught fire; on April 21, Nanjing Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. caught fire and explosion. He stressed that the current safety management of hazardous chemicals transportation is still the focus, and chemical security management is still lack of regulations and standards. In addition, China's petrochemical safety management risk assessment and risk control is still very weak, the research and application of advanced methods are not enough, most enterprises are still unable to use the systematic plant management system and management means. Iccss has accumulated experience in chemical risk control and security management, which makes effective risk assessment and control possible. China should strengthen relevant cooperation with iccss. Pang Guanglian of


pointed out that the same kind of chemical substances will cause the same kind of harm whether it is a safety accident or a security accident. Chemical industry should pay attention to safety management and security management, and establish a set of management system of prevention, monitoring, control and emergency response. At the same time, we should keep a high degree of vigilance against the intentional destruction of toxic, combustible and explosive chemical substances, and establish a management system to effectively control the scope of their possible impact.


in order to strengthen the safety and security management of chemical enterprises in China, Pang Guanglian suggested that the first is to do a good job in basic work and improve the quality of safety management. The new projects are constructed with high standards, and the chemical enterprises in the chemical industrial park or industrial cluster area are subject to classified management; new measures, policies and standards for strengthening safety management and security management are studied; and a safety production education and training system and a Sino foreign cooperation training platform are established. Second, formulate and improve the safety management system and standards. The third is to strengthen the management of emergency plans and enhance the ability of emergency management. Fourth, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, seek and recommend global applicable safety management methods and practices.


are jointly sponsored by the Federation of petrochemicals and iccss.

iccss is an international organization responsible for global chemical safety and security activities. It is established and led by Krzysztof paturej, former permanent representative of Poland to OPCW and polish diplomat. Iccss is committed to improving the safety and security level of chemical production, storage, use, transportation and waste disposal, promoting best safety and security practices, and actively engaging in education, training and publishing activities. Industry view of


: jointly coping with security challenges

Tadoush hormitsky, Polish ambassador to China: Syria used toxic chemicals in the war, and a French chemical plant was attacked by terrorism not long ago. This shows that we are facing increasingly serious security, economic and environmental threats. Both developed and developing countries should actively respond to them. Iccss plays an important role in strengthening chemical safety and security management. Iccss has carried out a series of initiatives to promote chemical safety and security management, including the Kenya chemical safety and security plan, Ukraine's comprehensive chemical safety and security plan, and the plan to promote local awareness and responsibility for chemical safety and security. We sincerely invite Chinese partners to join us to support the operation of relevant projects in Kenya and Ukraine. Iccss will also hold a global chemical safety and security summit and Expo in keltze, Poland in April next year.

Nie Jianjun, director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China for the prohibition of chemical weapons: the Chinese government has always attached great importance to industrial safety production and environmental issues, especially the management of chemical industry and hazardous chemicals, and has issued a number of laws, regulations and systems, including the production safety law and regulations on the management of hazardous chemicals. In terms of safety management, the State Council has set up a special safety supervision and management organization and the State Administration of work safety, and the Ministry of industry and information technology has a work safety management department. In order to prevent the abuse of chemicals, the State Council promulgated the regulations on the supervision of the management of chemicals. The Ministry of industry and information technology will organize a delegation to participate in the global chemical safety and security summit and Expo to be held in Poland next year.

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